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Lupus Adventures through Three Foggy Mornings

Three Foggy Mornings

Looking at morning through drifting Lupus fog... sunshine in my soul today!

Fog at awakening

Thick blinding fog at awakening,
a cloud seems to fill all my room.
Fog starts to rise with my breakfast, and then,
a little bit more while I groom.
Exercise chases away some more mist,
and my neurons are beginning to click.
Starting to feel like a human again,
encouraged, today I’m not sick!

CNS symptoms

Murky fog just won’t clear

Not every day works according to plan,
on the days murky fog just won’t clear.
Fogginess lingers, hanging heavy and dense,
taking away inclinations of cheer.
Those days are distinctively slower and rough,
mere thinking is especially hard.
Schedules abandoned and work set aside,
“going out” becomes a stroll in the yard.

Faith finds a way

Faith finds a way

And then there are days faith finds a way
to rebound before it becomes noon.
A half-day is better than losing the whole,
spent redeeming the whole afternoon.
Heading out late, not truly uncommon,
at least not for auto-immune me.
Trusting the Lord, begging daily for grace,
past the foggiest morn — I can see!

by Lupus Adventurer
Copyright January 2014

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