One Patient's Positive Perspectives

thO8TMAXOELupus challenges our activities of daily living by giving extra burdens in addition to the normal routines of life. This is  a known fact every Lupus patient is intimately familiar with. Adding college this year to an already full schedule of home, career, and church responsibilities filled all of life’s moments to the maximum, and then some! Writing anything not part of a workplace or collegiate project has been an elusive all but unfulfilled desire.

At the first evening class session in January, the administrative dean spoke to us to challenge us to undertake honest introspection during the first six week session, and to contemplate any issues that would prove essential to finishing the program. His words were a challenge, even to the healthy students, and it was clear that there was would be very little schedule slack in the coming eighteen months.

th44IN4V61If lupus, career, and college were going to coexist without leading to a complete personal life crash, the concise guidance had to be enthusiastically heeded and applied. In setting a written schedule to include a weekly four hour class and the recommended minimum of about a dozen study hours, he challenged us, “something’s got to give”!

imagesCA07HE7GWilling to follow this seasoned advice, a few husband and wife chats to work out an acceptable weekly study schedule followed. The proposed weekly schedule was submitted the following week for the professor’s comments, and has been a guiding map to successfully reaching the halfway point in the program.

Those of you who have followed Lupus Adventures for awhile already know what the “something” is “that had to give”. While writing about these lupus adventures has been sparing, they have been challenging and worthy of pursuit. Hopefully, the last half of the program will have a bit more slack, and some of these adventures will begin to make their way back onto Lupus Adventures in written form.

Each reader here has a special place in my heart as you all share some aspect of this common adventure with me. Thank you so much for following and joining in by reading andHeart pages of book participating with your comments.

Thank you for reading!


Comments on: "Lupus, Career, and College Courses" (2)

  1. I’m so happy to see an update! You’re getting there and making your readers proud! You spoke life and added something to create more value rather than saying it’s too much! Prayers and hugs!

    • Thank you, CC! It felt so good to actually get a post written. I took a break from writing my Management Economics final paper, just to write something down to earth and real, rather than theoretical! Thank you, too, for your prayers! LA

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