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Benlysta Infusions Started August 2011

Every four weeks, month after month for almost four years now, three to four hours of each month has been devoted to an infusion chair.  Doing a little mathematics reveals that a little shy of 200 hours have been invested in Benlysta (belimumab) infusions for lupus.  As medical milestones of each month, they are helping subdue and manage the impacts of lupus.  Before lupus, the threat of quitting work due to early disability retirement loomed ahead, but the powerful work of this relatively new biologic drug reversed that.

With the return of greater ability to enjoy challenging adventures, quality of life is improved.  Intensity of lupus signs and symptoms have dramatically decreased over time, although the benefits were slow to show up in the first few months.  The first few months showed little change in lupus severity, but during the next few months that followed, symptoms decreased, pain lessened, and flares began to be shorter and less frequent.  During the second year of taking Benlysta, overall health and strength gradually improved.  Now, after almost four years, the infusions continue and keep lupus in manageable check.

imagesOVOE762VTwo noteworthy observations about effects of a Benlysta monthly treatment cycle:

  • Signs and symptoms of lupus seem to increase during the week before my infusion.
  • After Friday infusions, extreme, bone-tired fatigue lasts through each weekend.
  • Immune system remained strong, if not better

Benlysta may be a great option for many lupus patients, may be just what their doctor ordered!  As for me, I thank God daily for the help and control of my lupus it continues to give.


Comments on: "Lupus and 200 hours with Benlysta" (5)

  1. I’ve experienced the same benefits with my Benlysta treatments, and yes, that few days before my infusion are a little achy and fatigue-y. It’s really been absolutely fantastic for me and I’m glad to hear you’ve had a good experience too.

  2. Thank you for sharing your luous journey. I wish you well

  3. I’m so glad it’s working for you. I’m having a hard time getting them to even give me Plaquenil

  4. Thanks for this post, it offers hope. This past year I’ve seen a decline and I’ve had so many questions in my head about “flares” because to me they were so minor but still uncomfortable. Now there’s something going on with my lungs we’ve known since November and still haven’t figured out what. My last visit with my rheumatolgist we touched on the possibility of “stronger meds” to control the lupus. Lately, I don’t know how I feel about my care except from the great physician above, He’s awesome and has been showing signs of love to me so much recently! That’s the one sure thing in all of this is that HE is our provider!

  5. I am so glad you found something that has been working for you these past four years. You have been able to share your experience and help others. It is certainly is a journey living with lupus. We can all use all the help and input we can get,

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