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Road sign saying College Just Ahead

Returning to College

Returning to college after a 34 year gap has been an exciting adventure, and after the finish of the first class, the jury is in with a verdict.  This IS possible, even with lupus.  Finding an adult degree completion program that would work with lupus was essential.

Early morning college classes were not an option, so traditional college was out of consideration long before planning to going back even started.  Planning activities in the morning with lupus is never a good idea!  There had to be a better way.

College fund label on glass Jar full of dollar bills

Figuring out the funding

When a program was located that would honor all the work put in over four years of college, split between two schools, and make the most of it to complete the degree, I was glad.  The second college started an adult degree completion program a year ago, and they began sending out emails.

After figuring out the logistics and funding, the day finally came for registering and signing up on the dotted line!

College library books on shelves in the stacks

Plenty of work, but no exams!

It was finally time to go back to school, and it was both exciting and a little scary.  An unexpected blessing came on the first night of class in January, when the professor announced there were no exams!  A brain, sometimes impaired by short-term memory problems from lupus, heard that news and did an exuberant back flip!

What could be better than that?  Lots of books to read, awesome!
Major research to do, how fun. Lots of papers to write, bring it on!
Presentations to make, even better.  But, no exams? Absolutely perfect!


A thing or two to learn!

Now, class number two is already underway, with one down and 13 more to go after this one.  June 2016 does not seem too far away and with prayer, some amazing support from my husband, quiet lupus, and the grace of God, graduation will be 17 months from now.

In between, there might be a thing or two to learn!

Comments on: "Back to school a little late with lupus" (4)

  1. Brenda L. said:

    I am in awe of you going back to college and I’m so glad that everything is working out so well for you! Keep up the great work and 2016 will be here before we know it!

  2. So happy for you and everything falling into place! Gives hope to people like me! Congratulations on going back to school!

  3. LA I am soooo excited for you. I would have done a mental back flip too with the exams part. That is the scariest part to me. I simply cannot memorize anymore. The time will pass in a flash, especially with the extra things you have going on. I am glad everything came together for you. Please let me know down the road if you need special prayers for the exam end of things. I will be happy to support you in prayer. Leslie

    • DYD, Thank you so much for your willingness to uphold me in prayer, this means a lot and God has been enabling me, and so far, my grades have been really good. I am grateful for God’s help and your prayers. Thanks!! LA

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