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CNS lupus involvement

CNS Lupus strikes unexpectedly

Just when you would like to hope and think it is gone forever and never coming back, lupus brain fog and crossed wires show up again, unexpectedly.  It is not that the head is not on straight, it is just that sometimes, just for a moment, it is unclear what week or day you are in, or what subject you just wrote an email about.  Recently, several similar projects overlapped in the same time and space, and it was a sure prescription for a mental mishap!  While finishing up interviews for one vacant job, new applications just started coming in for another.

Here is where the confusion starts.  Keeping the two recruitments straight was a mental quagmire.  The call was placed just a little too early on a Monday morning for the normal state of my “lupus brain,” and a group of questions were asked and answered as I spoke with an applicant’s work reference.  All throughout the call, it seemed odd how much all the answers were describing skills and abilities that fit the other open job, perfectly!

Too early on Monday

Returning to my office to re-do the form

After filling out the title of the position on the required form for Human Resources and filling in answers in the comment areas, I signed it.  It was then I realized things had gotten a little murky.

Walking over to my assistant’s desk, I began explaining how unusual it was that the applicant seemed to fit the other position, but not the one she had applied for.  My assistant looked up at me with a very quizzical look, explaining that the answers fit the position that applicant was seeking!


Crossed wires!

The sudden realization hung heavily in the awkward moment, as humility stepped forward, compelled to admit to a mental crossed wire.  Reclaiming the form, and returning to my office to redo it, the correct job title and all the answers were copied into a new version.  Now, the applicant seemed to fit the job perfectly, and even qualified for a second interview.

It is amazing what a little central nervous system lupus can do when you least expect it!  It might even inadvertently alter the course of someone’s career, if not kept in check by a good assistant, not afraid to say, “what are you thinking?” when it is needed most!  A good assistant is hard to come by, and no, you cannot have mine!


Comments on: "The brain fog moment and lupus crossed wires" (6)

  1. Reblogged this on mylupusnephritisjourney and commented:
    This is so true

  2. Brenda L. said:

    I can so relate to this and need an assistant of my own! I’m not working in the job field, and gave up my job of working with at risk reading children because of the lupus fog. Only my fog isn’t just in the morning. It can come at anytime and often does. My family thinks I’m losing my mind and it gets on their nerves when I ask the same questions and such. I just the other day burned my hand on the smooth top stove because I had forgotten that I was just using it. It wasn’t a bad burn thank goodness, but how does one forget that they just had the burner on?!! I’m glad your assistant was there to help you get back on track with the job papers. Thanks for sharing this, it helps me know that I am not really losing my mind.

  3. Oh my, I can relate! I hate when it pops up when I think I’m doing fine. I just remind myself that…well, I’m not saving babies (good thing, too LOL)!

    • YG. So many of us have this issue, but like my Rheumy said, at least its not MS, the brain fog never clears from morning to evening like lupus. We’ve got to look at what we have, and not fret about what we cannot change! Thanks for your comment. LA

  4. I am the one in my marriage that is supposed to have the good memory and lately Lupus has taken over. God loves us and is just trying to make us laugh! Glad things worked out! I love coming read your blog to see a warrior!

  5. I certainly can relate to this, as I am sure many others can as well. Glad it worked out. Thanks for sharing.

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