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Photo Attribution: By Pedro from Album, The Wanderings of Jeremiah, “Pack Mule in the Sanctuary Trek”

Somewhere along the way through the second major bout of Christmas shopping, a bright idea popped up, inspired by my second shopping trip of the season without a pack mule (aka, willing family member) to go along and carry my bags.  Where did reason and sanity go?  What would cause a gal like me with lupus arthritis to walk the mall for four hours shopping alone?

Between Penny’s and Dillard’s, while still only carrying 2 heavy bags, my memory cleared about why Kohl’s is my favorite place to shop for “stuff.”  They have shopping carts!  As my number of bags increased from store to store, so did their weight!  Pretty soon I was wishing I could just pile them on a skate board and pull the contraption behind me with a rope.  Where were simple, primitive wheels when I needed them?


We are still carrying our water, today!

I mused as I trudged along through the mall quietly humming Christmas carols to myself.  There is nothing civilized about being a beast of burden bearing all my heavy packages.  It seems I remember learning in my childhood history class that being civilized meant people didn’t have to lug heavy stuff by hand from place to place like human pack mules

I paused to stop and think about it for a moment, while I set down my bags to rest and reposition!

Civilization – that means no carrying water and no carrying heavy items for miles to just to get them home.  Yet, how is it that we buy our water in bottles and have to lift and carry it home in gallons or cases of small bottles?  I thought we were supposed to have clean, safe water running through the pipes in our homes.  How is it that we drive to a place to shop where we have to carry everything for a mile or two, to and fro in the mall, before we can finally put it all in our car and take it home.


Maybe carrying on my head would be an improvement!

For a few minutes, I even pondered whether it would be easier to carry all the bags if I put them in a large basket and balanced them on my head. I remembered seeing pictures of indigenous people from far away lands doing that.  By the time I was done shopping, I had a purse on one arm with two large bags, and three large bags in the other hand.  Fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders all complained at the weight of their burden.

But, my musings made me smirk.  Were any of the other shoppers around me pondering the uncivilized aspects of Christmas shopping?  Probably not!

At one point near the end of my shopping trip, I briefly considered dragging the hefty bags on the ground, but decided that they might wear through and damage the gifts inside and chuckled at myself.  I thought the better of it, but must admit, the thought was temporarily tempting!


Here I sit musing… it is almost Christmas!

So, done with my evening’s shopping, here I sit tonight at home, musing over my Bing search engine results for “shopping bag with wheels.”  I have learned that the same item I was wishing for can be purchased for anywhere from about $10 up to as much as one I saw for $500!  A modestly priced rolling shopping bag would seem to be a wise investment for someone like me with lupus!

Here are some examples of rolling shopping bags (and links to where I found them) that I am considering before my next major shopping trip:

  • Bag #1 – Looks big enough for today’s shopping trip
  • Bag #2 & Bag #3 – I saw this in purple and lots of other cool patterns, but it cost more than the others
  • Bag #4 – I liked the expandable feature and the price
  • Bag #5 – On E-Bay for a moderate price, and even comes with Butterflies!

Bag #1 @ $20.00


Bag #2 @ $25.00 to $35.00


Bag #3 @ $25.00 to $35.00


Bag #4 @ $10.00


Bag # 5 – On E-Bay @ $23.00

Now, there are only a couple of shopping days left before Christmas, and I am getting excited about the prospect of time to spend with family to visit and reflect together on the true meaning of Christmas.

A couple more stocking stuffers to buy, gifts to wrap, the house to clean and goodies to prepare… I can hardly wait, Christmas is in the air!


Comments on: "Lupus, Christmas shopping and wishing for bags with wheels!" (2)

  1. Interesting post. I hate going to Penney’s for that reason. You would think they would realize many of us would spend more time shopping there with the use of a shopping cart to put the items you are going to try on etc. in. Physically, I can’t shop long without the aid of a cart to hold my purse and items. They used to sell the big sturdy metal carts too. I think a baby stroller would work well. After my daughter was out of one, I would often would wish I still had it with me while shopping. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

    • DYD, when I get ahold of a solution, I will share it here. I am hoping to find one that looks enough like an over-the-shoulder tote that it won’t scream “fuddy-duddy” when I go to the mall. I will keep you posted! LA

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