One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Independence  Day

Four years ago his eyes looked out ahead for times yet to be,
Seventy-nine years from birth till then, but what came next he didn’t see.
Falls, confusion, miscued words, and soon a sudden turn,
Hospital, rehab, sixteen flights before daughter could home return.

He travelled far, a first class flight away from his lifetime home,
Living where helpers and aides would bathe, or help him use a comb.
Then doctors, surgeries, changes in health meant needing a different place,
Humbled and weakened, but stubbornly clinging to dignity’s final trace.

At first, decline was slow, but soon, escalating bit by bit,
next cane, then walker, then rolling around while having just to sit.
Memory, too faded out in stages, either gradually or by spurts,
Children, marriage and life forgotten, the watcher’s heart just hurts.

Daughter’s face was known at first, but then confusion grew,
“Are you my cousin? sister? mother?” at the end he had no clue.
The limbo land his mind dwelled in, imprisoned him in a lonely place,
A soulful gaze from forlorn eyes possessed his troubled face.

Last visits made, scriptures read aloud beside his quiet bed,
Everything saved but before unspoken, at last today was said.
Fittingly, it was independence day, a day when suffering would cease,
then sudden decline, soon slipping away to death’s last final release.

Many prayers offered over the years by children, grandchildren and kin,
That he’d find God’s forgiveness, mercy and love and be truly born again.
Where would his dying soul abide through eternity’s longest hour?
This secret is known to God alone, through His just and gracious power.

I love you Dad, goodbye.

By, Lupus Adventurer
© July 4, 2014


Dad and Me

Dad with Nate

Dad and Mom

Dad and the Family Budget

Dad in his mid 50s

Dad and his Uncle Wesley

Dad when I was 5 years old

Dad at his 80th Birthday

Dad at Work Pre-Computer Days

Dad with Mom’s Fragrant Cloud Rose

Dad in Navy – Flight Navigation

Dad Training Navy Pilots

Dad on Leave During Korean War

Dad with Lyle and Ariel


Dad and Elisabeth


Dad and Mom



Comments on: "Independence Day Goodbye" (4)

  1. You are so good at writing poetry from your heart. While I weep in my heart for your loss, I am so thankful God knows and keeps all the secrets He has safe and holds our hands along the way. Love to ya!

  2. My deepest sympathy on the loss of your father. Big hugs, Brenda

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