One Patient's Positive Perspectives

I Forget It Can Bring a Smile!

Lupus and heart-healthy exercise

I Forget it Can…

Midway through workout at ten minutes time,
Limbs move in clumsy odd style.
But just a few more, endorphins arise,
I’ll remember why it brings a smile.

Veins whoosh fast at heart pumping rate,
Feeling better after just a short while.
Exercise done and moving is over,
I forgot it could bring such a smile.

Clammy hot skin now wet with sting,
Salty drops hit the living room tile.
Breathing so deep as pain quiets down,
I feel how it makes me smile!

bf flying and landing

Bring a Smile!

Amazingly better after moving just a bit,
An idea so tough to reconcile!
Pain just makes me want to stay still,
Because, I forget it can bring a smile!

By Lupus Adventurer
© July 1, 2014




Comments on: "Lupus Adventurer’s Poem – I Forget It Can Bring a Smile!" (2)

  1. Grateful you had the courage to try to move, bringing you comfort and smiles! Such a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. I can relate. A few weeks ago I started walking. I was doing good but last week my sciatica started up so I let up on walking. Now that we are in a heatwave I’m hurting all over and just want to lay down all day. I shared on my FB group us verses lupus.

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