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Sleep/Rest Goals

Seeking Sweet Sleep

Sleep should never be taken for granted, or pushed aside as a necessary interruption.  It’s merits are poorly underappreciated and pursuit of it can be elusive and frustrating.  Yet, when it arrives uncomplicated and complete, in enough depth to last the entire night, cherish it, be grateful for it, and thank God every time it blesses you with a night full of true rest.  Such was last night!


Morning Arrived Sweeter

This morning arrived sweeter, fresher and with little morning fog than any recent morning in the past few weeks.  Night after night sleep was interrupted barely before it began, with pain and neuropathy burning in my legs, and even in my fingers, complicated with the remnants of pain from falling on my hip last year.  Nights in succession were spent moving back and forth between bed, kitchen, office and living room, trying in vain to find a comfortable spot, and hoping desperately for the relief of sleep.

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Meeting a Deeper Need

Yet, as each evening wore on into the small hours of the still black morning, eventually sleep would come in sheer exhaustion and weariness.  There is no book compelling enough to trade for the precious rest I sought, except perhaps the precious pages of scripture.  They, in their own powerful way offer a type of rest that sleep cannot touch, a type needed even more than sleep, meeting a deeper, soulful, ancient need.  They provide truth, words of life and pure rest to my spirit, and stay dear in the dark of a long sleepless night.

But, my frail, fragile, imperfect body still needs the rest of simple physical sleep.  For this sleep I have prayed, and for days the answer did not did not come until now.  Waiting, hoping, that the siege of insomnia brought on by sleep interrupting lupus pain would break, I prayed on.  Finally, the answer to this prayer came in the form of long hours of deep, mindless, dream-filled sleep.  A precious ten hours, one stacked upon the next until the tower of time reached the morning.  At last, sleep!


Extra Hours of Sleep

Awakened in a start by my husband’s urgency, I selfishly did not mind that he had unintentionally slept through his alarm.  That meant the assurance of a couple of extra hours of sleep recovery for me!  Today marks the end of five days of intense morning brain fog, and the welcome blessing of waking to a rested morning.  Although long hours of sleep come with increased lupus joint swelling and stiffness, mental processes are quickly clearing of fog and the day promises to be a good one.

Today, my prayer shifts to grateful thanksgiving for the not-so-simple blessing of good sleep.

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Comments on: "Lupus and seeking the simple blessing of good sleep" (5)

  1. I’m part of the sleepless night with out drugs club. I usually take anti anxiety meds to sleep but still wake several times a night. I’ve been walking 30 minutes a day in the mornings. Its been tiring out but it kicked up my sciatica and I go to sleep with just the oxycodone. I use the c-pap and it records 10 hours a night. It doesn’t record how many times I wake up praying for sleep to return. Not to mention my overactive bladder sending me on bathroom trips several time a night. I want to wake up after one of those 10 hours and feel refresh, with energy and clear thinking. Just one day every now and then.

    Thanks for following Us Verses Lupus. I am looking for people to interview if you’re interested or know anyone that willing to be interviewed please email me at

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I either sleep 18 hours a day or have unrelenting insomnia–there’s almost no in-between. I take muscle relaxers almost every night, but those rare, rare nights where I get 8-10 hours without having to take those, nausea meds, or Ambien are the best nights of sleep I ever get! Prayers for you!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your similar experiences. Sleep difficulties are part of the “invisible” aspects our invisible illness. Have a great day! LA

  3. An excellent post. I am thankful for even four hours of restful sleep. I can only dream and continue to pray for the elusive eight hours. Thank you for sharing, sometimes the insomnia makes me feel alone in my experience.

    • Julie Jo said:

      Getting enough and restful sleep is SO underestimated! I’m so glad you mentioned the importance of sleep!

      I had a full nights sleep the other day-one without promethazine or muscle relaxers (which I often need at night) and I cannot tell you how WONDERFUL I felt the next day. The world opened up to me! What a great feeling!

      I’m going to share your blog in hopes that others will catch on-lol! TY-JJ

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