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Best_of-badge-lupusA few weeks ago an unexpected communication from an editor at announced that Lupus Adventures was selected as one of the top twelve lupus blogs of 2014.

So, naturally, the next thing to do was go check out the article “The Best Lupus Blogs of the Year” on their site and see what they had to say.

It was extremely heart-warming to read the kind review and to see Lupus Adventures recognized among such a great group of peer blogs.

The Best Lupus Blogs of the Year

Written by Ann Pietrangelo | Winners selected by Tracy Rosecrans
Medically Reviewed on April 30, 2014 by George Krucik, MD, MBA

Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines

“Do you consider lupus to be an adventure? The woman behind Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines says it is. “Where an adventure takes you depends partly on the decisions and friends you make along the way,” she writes. This blog is less about the medical aspects of lupus and more about the perspective you choose to bring to it. This blogger’s faith and strong support system nurture her along in much the same way she nurtures her readers. Straightforward and thought-provoking, these writings should be savored slowly.”


Top Lupus Blogs of 2014

Who are all the other lupus bloggers that were honored this year?  The others are listed below, in the order they were ranked by  Please check out these other lupus bloggers and perhaps leave them a comment to congratulate them for their excellent work!

The Best Lupus Blogs of the Year

  9. Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines

I would like to share a special thank you to you, the readers who make this blog meaningful and purpose-filled.  Without each one of you and your comments, affirming “likes”, emails and feedback, there would be little reason to share the ramblings of the “Lupus Adventurer” at all!

Thank you so much for visiting and reading!




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  1. Wow! Congratulations LA. I am just learning about your blog. I am excited to follow you.

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