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Lupus Awareness Month

ToolkitLupus Awareness Month 2014 has now drawn to a close, with a full 31 days of heightened lupus awareness now behind us, and eleven months ahead until Lupus Awareness Month 2015.  Now what?  Does that mean we should stop our efforts and wait for May, 2015 to begin lupus awareness activities again?

Of course not!  So, what comes next?

The Lupus Foundation of America has some outstanding lupus awareness resources that will help you all year to help increase understanding of lupus.  Check out their web page for the Awareness Tool Kit for more things you can use anytime.

In the Tool Kit, there is an outstanding one-page Fact Sheet about Lupus:

Lupus Fact Sheet from LFA 2014


Lupus Infographics

Lupus Infographics

My favorite all-year components of the Awareness Tool Kit are four Lupus Infographics .  Although designed primarily for use by the press in Lupus Awareness community service messages, each one is suitable for any lupus awareness use, printed on letter size sheet for flyers or as larger posters. However, the Lupus Foundation of America has these conditions on their use:

“The graphics provided below are made available for free download and unrestricted use by bonafide news organizations.  Please credit Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. as the source and, if appropriate, include a link to the LFA website,, for additional information about lupus.”

Signs  & Symptoms of Lupus – Infographic


The Impact of Lupus in America – Infographic


The Burden of Lupus – Infographic


Lupus Resources – Infographic



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  1. I so agree with you. I even wrote a post about this same issue. Basically saying, lupus does not take a month or day day off, so we can’t afford to either. Continue the awareness June 1 and so on.

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