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The Lupus Foundation of America is supported by generous donations from the lupus community.  Contributions support the cost of LFA’s efforts to rally experts and deploy resources to solve the mystery and end the devastating impact of lupus. Our donations together support the LFA in its mission to improve the quality of life for all people affected by Lupus.

LFA invests in medical research, patient education, physician education, public information campaigns, advocacy to spread lupus awareness, and lobbying to support research and programs that change the impacts of lupus.  I am a great fan of and do my part to support LFA financially through United Way payroll deductions, as a “directed donation” so that LFA gets 100% of my donation.

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LFA’s Financial Accountability

How LFA handles the funds we invest

In my position as a public servant managing a local government law office, I take public accountability very seriously!  In government, we owe citizens an explanation for the spending decisions that we make.   LFA is accountable to its donors for roughly $15,000,000 entrusted to it each year.

Donations can be made in many ways:  one-time, monthly, memorials, honorary or planned giving, and can be submitted offline, online or to chapter representatives.  Also, some people give stocks, a vehicle or household items or other goods and in-kind donations.

One of my favorite LFA fund-raising projects is the Walk to End Lupus Now program, with events all over the world.  As we plan for our September 27, 2014 walk here in Arizona, it is exciting to see that so far we already have 343 donors helping 397 fundraisers raise $18,881.00 for Lupus Foundation of America.  Please come join us if you are or will be in Arizona in the fall, or support me or another walker!


SATURDAY,September 27, 2014
Scottsdale Center for the Arts
Scottsdale, AZ

5:00 PM Check-In Opens
5:30 PM Opening Remarks
6:00 PM Walk begins

A new way to donate to lupus!

Where does the money come from?

Where does LFA’s annual budget come from?

75%  Contributions and Grants
14%  Special Events
6%  Program Revenue
5%  Dues & Other Income

How does LFA spend the money?


Where do donations go?

75% Program Services

  • Public information and education
  • Professional relations and education
  • Network support and services
  • Patient Education and support
  • Research

25% Supporting Services

  • Management and general
  • Fundraising

Have questions?

Please contact the LFA’s Development Department at 202.349.1176 or via email at

The Lupus Foundation of America is a tax-exempt, charitable organization and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions under the IRS Code 501(c)(3). LFA’s Federal ID # is 43-1131436. Gifts to LFA may be 100% deductible from taxable income for donors who itemize their deductions.

Want to donate?

Go to the Lupus Foundation of America’s donation information and link page at



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