One Patient's Positive Perspectives

67cbc18b28c77fe5b8_lsm6bxlesWhile talking on Skype a few weeks ago with a friend at the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) office in Washington, D.C., she explained about the LFA’s upcoming lupus awareness campaign for this month. There was a subtle suggestion and very personalized challenge that also emerged from that conversation.

Now, here we are smack, dab, in the middle of May and the response to that challenge is still very much on the drawing board.  Hoping that by the time we reached Lupus Awareness Month Action Item No. 4, a post about it would include a link to my contribution to Dear Lupus, it isn’t ready yet.

Alas, my response has proven to take a little more thought than first anticipated.  Knowing that me and my family are serious musicians, Kris suggested that perhaps a “creative” Dear Lupus video from me might be  interesting.

three bfs

What would you tell Lupus?

It may sound pretty simple and straightforward, but this challenge is taking some doing to complete!  Life and lupus have kept me busy, and time for creative focus has been at a premium.

While the response to my friend’s challenge is still in the works, it will perhaps successfully tie together my music and my message to “Dear Lupus.”  What will that video look (and sound) like, I am not sure yet.  To be sure, I will share it here, as well as at the LFA site, Dear Lupus.

What would you say to Lupus if it were standing in front of you, now?  Why don’t you sit down with your computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone or whatever, and work on your own creative “Dear Lupus” message to share, too?


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