One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Mother’s Day Hope

What is life?

Once again, its Mother’s Day, with my mom no longer here,
to hug, to hold or walk arm in arm, as we did in yesteryear.
Her love stays with me, in my heart, as I fondly think and pause,
giving thanks to God for making her! As a mom, she had few flaws.

Her loving soul was rare and deep, she thought where few do go,
to ponder what lies underneath, seek truth, understand and know.
Her loving voice so genuine when she coaxed, cajoled or taught
her children to be wise and good, and live life as they ought.

God formed me from a speck of her, mystery silent and so deep,
and placed me in her womb and arms, her babe to gently keep.
She nurtured as I grew each day, stood behind me, always near,
encouraged during childhood trials, wiped away each woeful tear.

Last words will long remembered be, long after they were said.
We spoke of God and his love for man, and verses I’d just read.
My turn to urge, cajole and plead for mom to grasp this thought:
just seek the Lord with all your heart, in His death, your soul He sought.

Unsecured, she knew the Creator was real, but never knew for sure,
exactly what and who Christ was, whether man or God so pure.
So, a hope alone was all she held, but no assurance for her soul,
that Christ could wash all sin away, and make her spiritually whole.

So, now for me, there’s a humble hope, that scriptures that I shared
were used by God to help her see how much Christ Jesus cared.
Our good works alone are not enough to cleanse a sinful heart,
we must call on Christ to save our soul and eternal life impart.

By Lupus Adventurer
© May 11, 2014

My Mom

My Mom





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