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Lupus Awareness Month Action Idea #2

Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple

Well, this should be an easy idea for follow through… for the gal who thinks purple is the new black!  The only real problem is finding out if last year’s purple clothes fit.  Standing at the closet with “POP” on the brain, its easy to start musing about some other possible meanings for the acronym.

Could “POP” possibly stand for one of these?

Put on Purple!

Put on Purple!

Putting on pounds, previously on prednisone, presently on prednisone, puffy on prednisone, prednisone on posterior… wait a minute, that is probably plenty of the negative aspects of steroids with lupus… purple often prevails, purple or pout, prevailing on plaquenil, purple overt prettiness, or positively outstanding purpleness?

Enough of that silliness!  Lets just go with “Put on Purple” and be done with it!

Looking at my closet, it is clear there is much more purple, plum, violet, orchid, grape, fuchsia, lavender and lilac than you would find in any average clothing collection.  In the jewelry box nearby, there is even a whole gamut of similarly colored jewelry.  So, what will it be today?   Hmm… pull out the purple watch, and add some lilac polished nails while I hum a little tune with my rhyme.

“Put on Purple” is What We Say

“Put on Purple” is a simple theme for how to dress today,
a clothing hue to emphasize what we have got to say.
The closet calls and beckons with the question, “what to wear?”
Sorting through my hanging duds for an outfit with purple flare.

There, it seems we’ve got it right, a blouse in perfect style,
to match my favorite pair of slacks, it just took a little while.
Topping off my total look with some jewelry that perfectly goes,
and adding a lovely chiffon scarf, a splash of color that gently flows.

The outfit is almost finished now, in just fifteen minutes flat,
the style is total purpleness! Now, what do you think of that?
Lupus awareness is the message and the reason to choose today,
to share a colorful message of hope, “Put on Purple” is what we say!

By Lupus Adventurer
© May 6, 2014


Please join me by wearing purple on May 16th!






Comments on: "LFA Lupus Awareness Month Action Idea #2" (2)

  1. Love your post. I will be putting on my purple.

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