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Lupus Awareness Month Action Idea #1

LFA Awareness Action Ideas

LFA Lupus Awareness Action Ideas

The Lupus Foundation of America is in full swing with Lupus Awareness Month.  As a help to inspire Lupus awareness advocates, they have created a page with six interactive graphical links to lupus awareness Action Idea pages. Check these out at the LFA site! Click Here

I love having some new lupus awareness suggestions.

The ghost of lupus awareness past…

A couple of years ago my idea was to post a different full-blown blog article every single day in May.  My hunt for lupus awareness topics was kick-started by an amazing list of 30 lupus facts given to me by Kris Hoagland from the LFA’s national office.  The whole idea was born out of a great conversation between us at an Arizona lupus patient symposium earlier that year.

Challenged by lots of writing

Once I got into writing the posts, I soon realized it was a major commitment to keep them coming every day to meet my personal goal.  But, I was just stubborn enough to keep on going I was especially grateful for the list of facts as writing prompts.

The lupus facts got me going, and the positive reader feedback kept me going!

The idea of covering the range of lupus topics really challenged me.  Some of the posts required extra research to assure good quality.  The project helped me learn about aspects of lupus that don’t affect me, and that made me a better lupus advocate. The 2012 challenge meant a lot of writing, research and posting, but it was well worth it!

Lupus Awareness Action Idea # 1

Lupus Awareness
Action Idea # 1

Many of those posts from two years ago had surprising lasting appeal, and stay on the list of all-time most often read posts.  In fact, the #2 on that list is one you might want to read, too:  Living with Lupus Fact 22 – Not So Beautiful Butterfly Rash.

Last year, I started out the first half of May with a different “Lupus Blogger of the Day,” but got stuck at mid-month when life and lupus interrupted my plan.

The ghost of lupus awareness future…

This year, my plan is not so ambitious.  But, was once again prompted by great ideas coming out of LFA’s national office.  It may be a little circular in the logic category, but my idea is to include LFA’s six lupus awareness ideas in this month’s posts.

31 Action Ideas

31 Action Ideas

What Action Ideas did I find at the link that I am going to do?  For starters, I am going to register for a lupus walk, go to a lupus educational event on May 10th, and check out the long list of 31 actions they suggest.  To find out what more of them are, you’ll have to go to their page to read more.

I trust this tiny adventure will be encouraging and helpful, and perhaps trigger a lupus awareness idea or two for you to try out for yourself.



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