One Patient's Positive Perspectives


Lupus Awareness Acrostic

S trikes
Y oung
S weet
T eens
E ven
M others
I nfants
C hildren

L eft
U ndiagnosed
P rogresses
U ncontrolled
S everity


Lupus Awareness

E xhaustion and Fatigue
R enal Disorder
Y ou Know Someone with Lupus!
T hrombocytopenia or other blood disorders
H ematological anemia, leukopenia, lymphopenia
E rythematous raised discoid rashes
M alar butterfly-shaped rash
A rthritis
T hrombocytopenia
O ral and Nasal Ulcers
S un Sensitivity
U nexplained fevers
S erositis around heart or lungs




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