One Patient's Positive Perspectives

three crosses in the sunset

Awestruck At This Thought

Creator, Maker, Holy God, He loves mankind He made,
with broken heart and His selfless act, coming to our aid.
Lost and broken fellowship, once briefly shared with man,
Now has a way to be restored within God’s wondrous plan.

Jesus Christ, both human child and Son from God above,
To bridge sin’s gap, he took on flesh in humble perfect love.
Come to fulfill what prophets told of why He’d visit earth,
He bore our sin, and shed His blood to bring us second birth.

Upon a cross of wood He died, on Calvary’s lonely hill,
To open Heaven’s door to all, to the humble “whosoever will.”
Christ came to seek and save the lost, not willing to lose one,
Suffering beneath the weight of our sin, redemption was begun.

In the grave three days and then, arisen as He said He would,
He paid sin’s debt and took our place, now His mercy is understood.
Christ did for us what we couldn’t do, He washed our sin away.
Call on His name, confess your sin, and believe He lives today.

New life in Christ starts humbly, too, just like His did that day,
Humbly accept God’s merciful gift, He is only one prayer away.
This marvelous offer, unmerited grace, we’re awestruck at this thought,
That by Christ’s priceless outpoured blood, our eternal life was bought!

By Lupus Adventurer
Copyright April 20, 2014

Empty tomb

Empty tomb


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