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Sleepy little friend

Just about sixteen years ago, long before Benlysta, before Rituxan, and shortly before the beginning of Methotrexate and Imuran, little Rudy joined our household.  He was the result of the barter system.  My husband taught piano lessons to the two sons of a couple we knew who raised purebred miniature long-haired dachshunds.  After teaching enough lessons to equal the discounted price of a well-bred puppy, little Rudy became the newest addition to our home.

Lupus and a dachsund's perspective, I want to be like that!

Performing for a treat

Over many years of watching our children finish growing up, graduate from high school, get married and now our four grandchildren, Rudy has been there, friend to all who knew him, and companion to many.  When I spent months on strict bed rest with massive lupus flares and an unstable spine, he was a little puppy who curled up next to me, comforting me in my intense persistent pain.  We bonded, and I guess I became his surrogate people “mom.”  Any time I felt awful or was home sick with lupus woes or pains, there he would zoom, right to my side to curl up near and comfort me.

Each night as we arrived home, we saw his little head and ears flopping up and down through the window in the kitchen door, as he jumped straight in the air in excitement at our return.  His exuberance caused us to coin the expression, “jumping doggies” to explain many a gleeful moment.  His doggie cheerfulness had edged its way into our family conversations.

Lupus and a dachsund's perspective, I want to be like that!

Chewing on a ball

Yesterday, it was my last chance to comfort my little canine pal.  I spent some time yesterday morning with him, bathing my aging weak pup, gently brushing and grooming him and cleaning his kennel and bed.  As I left for work, he curled up in a fresh towel and snuggled down for a nap.  When my husband found him last night, he still was curled up just as I left him.  He seemed to have never moved or awakened from slumber, and my usual “have a good doggie day,” ended up my last goodbye to my little friend.

eyes closed and listening

Goodnight, Rudy…

Last night, he went to his final doggie resting place, wrapped in the same towel and snuggled into the warm spring soil, several feet below the turf of our backyard lawn.  We quietly planted him beneath his favorite spot in the yard, right where sunlight first warms the grass each morning.  So, with my husband holding a shovel and me holding a flashlight, in the darkness we quietly said goodbye to our faithful little family dog.

Goodnight, little Rudy, goodbye.


Comments on: "Lupus Adventurer says goodbye to little canus lupus familiaris" (10)

  1. Readers… Thank you all so much for your kind words for my loss of my little Rudy dog. We didn’t quite realize how much our daily routines and habits included him in the mix. Coming in the door and chatting with him about letting him out, walking in the yard in the morning with him at my feet, talking about him with my husband… we have a little void in our home and will be feeling it for awhile. Thank you all for caring. LA

  2. 😦 I am incredibly sorry for your loss.

  3. God sent you Rudy. I know, because right before I got diagnosed God sent me Jacob (cat). I think it is truly an amazing thing God does sometimes in this area. These gifts from God are so unique and special. They bond with us in our aloneness and pain like no human. I know you will miss your friend and companion. Thank God Rudy was there when you needed him most. I pray God will help you through this.

  4. Sorry for your loss. We know and value the importance our four-legged kids play in our lives. May you and your family be comforted by the memories and special love only your Rudy could provide.

  5. Oh, Lupus Adventure; Our dogs become our family, parr of the family. Your store brought tears to my eyes as, and the statement, “I feel your pain” finally means something. Good night, Rudy!” Annie

  6. I’m so sorry for your loss in Rudy. I have a “Rudy” here with me too, who is always by my side when I’m not feeling well. She always runs to me for protection and everything else. She is my baby since my baby is leaving the nest soon. I can’t even imagine life without her. But I know she is aging and won’t be here forever and I dread the day. I hope when she goes she goes as peaceful as your Rudy went. Hugs

  7. Farewell Rudy. May you rest well. My condolences to you and your faImily! I am sorry for the loss of your furry family member. I know it is never easy when we lose a pet. May the days to come be filled with good memories and peace.

  8. Paola paquin said:

    So completely moved by your loss – you were both blessed yo have had these wonderful years together and I hope you will find some comfort through your memories.

  9. onoodlesstitchcraft said:

    Goodbye Rudy what a faithful companion x

  10. Juju714 said:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. May he be blessed running through green fields just like when he was a pup. My deepest condolences. Dogs are people too. 💜

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