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Sunshine My Enemy

In our sky a yellow orb emits its brilliant light,
its hues combined, a streaming beam so powerful and bright.
Traversing space and vast expanse, illumining earthly day,
in eight minutes’ time arriving here, from a hundred million miles away.

The rays arrive in many types, some harmful and some good,
the earth responds from warmth it makes to yield our needed food.
Our bodies need its help to make Vitamin D we truly need,
produced by sunlight’s UVB, the sun performs a necessary deed.

Sunshine is my friend, its true, and an enemy at times, as well,
those same productive rays of light can cause my joints to swell.
Within my skin an autoimmune reaction to UVA and B,
Burning, wrinkling skin over time, and triggering lupus flares in me.

Sunshine is my enemy, but sunshine is also my friend,
In doses small enough it’s good, if exposure can quickly end.
With sunscreen on, long sleeves and hat, I’m ready for some fun,
Cautiously I head outdoors for brief encounters with the sun!

by Lupus Adventurer
Copyright March 26, 2014

Sunshine is My Friend

Sunshine My Friend



Comments on: "Lupus Poem: Sunshine My Enemy, Sunshine My Friend" (6)

  1. I love that, its so nice to know that there are others out there like me 🙂

    • MRS… Thank you for your visit to Lupus Adventures and for following. I visited your blog and will watch with interest as you re-find your own writing voice. Have a great day! LA

      • Could you do me a small favor, this is my first blog, and I was trying to make sure I had a comment button…but I dint see it. not I may just not know what I am looking for but could you leave a (I don’t care if its one word/letter) comment for me so I know it is working?

      • No problem… I will go do that now! LA

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