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Done in 7 minutes

Done in 7 minutes

Yesterday afternoon, while standing in my kitchen cooking Sunday dinner after church, I received an unexpected surprise.  While I waited for scalloped potatoes to finish cooking, there was time to prepare the rest of the meal, with a few moments to spare.  After crushing a savory herb mix in my amazing marble mortar and pestle (it belonged to my mother), I held the stone bowl up to my nose to inspect, deeply drawing in the fragrant mingled bouquet of basil, thyme, parsley and freshly ground five-color pepper.  Perfect!

I stood preparing cod filets and green beans for cooking.  The oven heated while fish was rinsed and blotted dry in paper towels, and then rolled through the ground seasoning mixture.  The cod was soon baking, while green beans steamed gently in the microwave.  Everything was timed to be done in about 7 minutes.  Two lap trays were set up with plates, napkins and utensils, ready for the cooking meal we would soon be enjoying.  My husband sat watching the preview show, awaiting the start of the afternoon’s “arctic bowl” playing between my home town San Francisco team and the defenders in Green Bay.

I browsed the internet for a few minutes on my Surface tablet, while standing watch over the stove at the kitchen counter.  Checking my blog for comments, I was looking at the online WordPress administrative area checking the recent statistics.  Many different internet sites had referred readers here, and among the common Google, Yahoo, Bing, and several usual health blogs and other search engines, I noticed a link in the list of sites that had referred several readers to my blog over the past few days,

The Best Lupus Blogs of 2013 @

The Best Lupus Blogs of 2013

My curiosity got the better of me, and I clicked on the link to the article at  To my surprise, Lupus Adventurers was one of’s 12 top lupus blogs of 2013!  I was honored and humbled to be counted in such a great group of blogs and bloggers that I highly respect and admire.  It was a heart-warming affirmation of the mission and goals of Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines. Before even reading the article, I was walking to the living room, carrying my tablet computer, and smiling.  Taking the tablet from my hands, my husband started reading the review of my blog out loud.

He set the tablet down, smiled warmly and gave me a hug and a kiss, saying, “awesome, sweetheart!”  My smile and tablet accompanied me back to the kitchen, as the timer announced the readiness of the meal.  Dinner was served, and we enjoyed the warm meal and game that followed.  In contrast to the frigid 3° temperatures and -12°  wind chill factor at the football game we watched, I had a gentle warmth from both the meal and the news I had received.  Also in a different type of contrast, we hoped for opposing outcomes to the game: he rooted for the host team, and I cheered for the team from my home town.

Putting the game in “record” mode at half-time, we headed out for an afternoon choir practice at church, and the evening worship service to follow.  Returning home later, we enjoyed a light snack while we watched the recorded outcome of the afternoon’s gridiron battle.  Hours before, in the minutes before the game, I had received some welcome news.  In the last two seconds of the game, a successful kickoff won the game for San Francisco!  Today, Lupus Adventurer was a double winner.

 Who were all the Best Lupus Blogs of 2013?

Twelve Blogs to Visit

Twelve Blogs to Visit

Congratulations to all the other outstanding bloggers who received this award, of whom, I am humbled and grateful to be numbered as the last.   I recommend visiting these amazing lupus sites and congratulating them on this achievement.  In the words of Kimberly Holland, author of the article, “These gifted bloggers share the ups and downs of a disease that leave many feeling helpless. Find encouragement and inspiration in their journeys, and help others who face the same diagnosis as you.”

My congratulations to each of you!

  1. Despite Lupus
  2. Lupus, Humor and Wellness
  3. The Life of a Thirty-Something with Lupus
  4. Molly’s Fund Lupus Blog
  5. Lupus Survival Guide
  6. The Road to a Lupus Cure
  7. Lupine Life
  8. Lupus Chronicles
  9. Life Despite Lupus
  10. Mom’s Lupus Magic
  11. Sometime, it is Lupus
  12. Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. And congrats on being included in this list. 🙂

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