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What is Lupus?

It is the 8th most common Google “what is” search in 2013!

Thanks to Karlinarin for finding and posting this interesting information on her blog at .


It is hard to believe that the 8th most common search this year in Google was “What is Lupus?” It seems there is still a great interest and much work to be done in spreading lupus awareness. It is great to know that people want to know more about Lupus, since knowledge leads to earlier diagnosis, and earlier diagnosis and treatment help reduce disease severity and mortality.

Check it out for yourself…



Lupus, do you know what is that? Did you ever heard of it? Is this your first time hearing the word?

Well, you might be surprise. I am too. As someone who knows lupus so well. I am very surprise that people google lupus a LOT. Especially in the US. Whether the fact if people are more concerns of lupus existence. Or whether lupus itself is gaining attention due to its rapid development to more people.


Lupus, is a mysterious disease (not contigious), and a serious one. Lupus known as a disease who has a thousand faces. More of it, it is an odd, so odd, kind of disease. I dont have it, but i am a caregiver (a person whom close to someone who has lupus).

In short, this surprising 2013 search on Google, about ‘what is lupus’ perhaps declare that people are more aware with lupus. We do…

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Comments on: "Lupus was 8th most common ‘what is’ Google search for 2013" (2)

  1. When I was a teenager, I’m 54 now. A lady that worked with my father was diaignosed with Lupus. She was in terrible pain all the time and have very bad rashes. It was not talked about much then (early 70’s). She just passed away from lung cancer 4 yr ago. I was diaignosed in 2009, with SLE, Fibro and RA. Iwanted to know as much as I could about all.
    It was amazing that something that was not talked about the more people I found had it or knew someone who did after I got diaignosed. So I was glad for google search.

    • Wheatums, Thank you so much for your visit to Lupus Adventures, and sharing your comment about this post. There was no Google or Internet when I was diagnosed, so it was very hard then, over twenty years ago, to find out about lupus. LA

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