One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Prosperity, Plowshares, Pilgrims and Praise

Thanks to GodProsperity unparalleled in our country is known,
since centuries before, seeds of blessing were sown.
Foundations yielded fruit from her genesis years,
cultivated by courage, harvested through tears.

Concord - Minute Man Statue VTBrave men before us had great vision and zeal,
for a shining republic where freedom was real.
Laying down a plowshare, picking up a sword,
defending the truths they believed from God’s word.

Across long years that followed, blessings endured,
although freedom yet stands, our memories are blurred.
What is the purpose for Thanksgiving Day?
To humbly thank God for those blessings, and pray.

Singing ThanksDo we still remember, does original purpose stand?
Does thankfulness echo across a still blessed land?
Each anniversary brings opportunity anew
to repeat pilgrims’ example.  What they did, we will do!

praying handsWhen family has gathered at our home that day,
long before watching gridiron men play,
we’ll each bow our heads, joining hearts heavenward,
thanking God for His grace, offering praise He deserves.

By Lupus Adventurer

November 2013

bf thanksgiving colors

Happy Thanksgiving!

Comments on: "Lupus Adventures – Prosperity, Plowshares, Pilgrims & Praise" (3)

  1. That’s great! I will have my granddaughter read at the Thanksgiving table!

    • I am humbled and extremely honored! May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving… LA

      • You REALLY rocked the victimless writing! Goosebumps galore… you really outdid yourself! I’m a retired (lupus) RN & I do an extreme ant of research and reading and you, my dear, are #1 in pleasure reading. Very inspirational and on target! And this is from a thrived that still has scars on her thigh from muscle biopsies for ruling out ALS, ICU for months & supplemental oxygen. Adrenal insufficiency, you name it. Oh and kidney disease which Vanderbilt said I would be on dialysis by 2013 yet, when I feel good, the only machine this 66 yr old is on is a motorcycle. I just love you! ❤️ Forwarding your article on…and ❤️ The KJV reference. Didn’t know that about Paul & it feels so good to know that it is the Bible. Hugs! Jane

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