One Patient's Positive Perspectives

For my husband on our 33rd anniversary:

The wonderful man who helps me every day, brings me coffee each morning in bed, and today, brought me breakfast in bed, too.  The one who understands and supports me in my daily battle with lupus.  The father of our two children, and grandfather of our four grandchildren.  I love you!

Photo by LA's Daughter-in-Law © 2013

Love’s Directions

Love stands beside me all through life,
his care protects me from oncoming strife.
Love walks before me, making a way,
for unobstructed progress through every day.
Love underneath me upholds my stance,
and cheers me on with his every glance.
Love nearby shows me warmth and grace,
with each smile, he shows it on his face.

These many years we have walked along,
sharing many a blessing, singing many a song.
We share His love outwardly, we pray
as we look to Him to show us the way.
So now we forward continue to go,
as between us now we still watch love grow.
Together we move toward new goals ahead,
As we follow God’s lead and do as He said.

So, sweetheart to you I so gratefully turn,
as beside you we both continue to learn.
We walk closer together and closer to God,
as under His hand we move on over earth’s sod.
The blessings of faith still flow through our love,
as God’s mercy and grace come unto us from above.
A new year ahead we expectantly see,
new adventures, new paths with your arm around me.

by Lupus Adventurer
October 15, 2013

A husband who loves me!

A husband who loves me!


Comments on: "Lupus and Love’s Directions" (9)

  1. This was so beautiful, thank you for sharing! It is always great to see examples of people in loving, dedicated relationships even after 33 years!

    • Erin, thank you. I have been humbled by readers positive comments about the poem. For the record, my husband really liked it, too. It was my anniversary “card” to him. I wrote it at my computer as we sat that morning drinking coffee in our office at home. He at his computer and me at mine. He couldn’t see my computer screen and didn’t even know I was writing it until I was done and had him read it. It was fun knowing he had no clue what I was up to. LA

  2. Debbie K Johnson said:

    This was so touching. I really hit home with me. I want to thank you for posting it. I always tell my husband “Thank you for being there”, but I never thought about a poem. This was so real!! He is blessed for you sharing this with him and us. It lets us know that we do need to give more to our loved ones that CARE for us…I mean really CARE for us, like our spouses in my cases and yours. Thank you again, and take care of yourself!

    • DK,

      You are so right about the need to show care for those who support us! So often when we feel poorly because of our health or other challenges, it is easy to forget about the needs of those around us.

      My husband is strong, much stronger than me, but I remember our early years when I was the healthy one and his supporter, and how grateful he was for me during the years his asthma nearly took him (more than once.) He understands the rough days, he has had his share of them himself.

      Now, he is blessed with strength and good measure of health, due to the grace of God and modern asthma medicines. He never forgets, and it is my turn to show my gratefulness.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughtful reactions to the poem. LA

  3. samanthatimms1 said:

    Beautiful! I really felt so much personally for the beauty towards our partners/husband’s who help us through each day!

    • ST, Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you responded to these thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if what I write will connect with anyone, and your kind comment encourages me! Thank you. LA

      • samanthatimms1 said:

        I know exactly how your feeling, I too wonder with my posts. I could very much relate to you x

    You’ve been nominated for this award. Please accept by following the rules at this link.

  5. Your husband is fortunate and you are blessed! This adventure makes my heart smile! I thought I had met the love of my life (e-harmony style) and after 2 years he romantically proposed to me. 6 months later, the docs tell me I have 3rd stage kidney disease and voila! He is gone! Now I know I dodged a bullet!! Point is, this is a beautiful thing you both have! Congratulations to both of you! INSPIRATIONAL!

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