One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Comments on: "Lupus Adventurer’s unlikely junk mail “friends”" (8)

  1. This is such an amazing post! I’ll admit that having to sift through continual junk email has more than mildly annoyed me in the past. However, I am trying to make adjustments so this sort of thing won’t bother me as much anymore. I’m really impressed how you were able to take this scenario and see the positive in it.

  2. I always feel so great after doing a good clean out of drawers, closets and our attic. I wish I could get my hubby on board though, he is a pack rat through and through. And he will even admit it!
    I think with having Lupus, it especially helps to make life simpler. Less stuff and clutter means less to keep clean and worry about.

    • Erin: You are not alone in your seemingly solitary efforts… my husband doesn’t get as motivated to clean out the clutter either, but he sure appreciates the results.

      He is starting to get on board, though and has relinquished a few long-held but worthless “treasures” to the front-porch piles. He proudly offers each contribution with great ceremony, and I give him great praise for the effort.

      Positive behaviors are just as contagious as negative ones, so perhaps you will “infect” him with yours in due time.

      Thanks for chiming in!! LA

  3. What a great idea! I also have issues with doing big elaborate projects in one chunk with my physical/mental health. I love the idea of one drawer/box at a time.

    And I really need to do the dresser idea. My stuff is getting a bit overstuffed, but I have a feeling I don’t (or shouldn’t) wear a good portion of it. I’m not sure if Goodwill does pick-up by me. I think they only do for furniture items. But the nearest store is not too far from me, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to swing by with a couple boxes/bags in my back seat. Donation is such a great way to find new homes for that clutter!

    Thank you for the stop by my blog. I’m enjoying yours so far. Even though Lupus has been ruled out for myself, there is some empathy I feel due to our similar effects I believe with my strange undiagnosed disease. It’s nice to have that camaraderie 🙂


    • Pen: Thanks for your comment. It was great to see the latest stack of boxes go away yesterday, and now, I am already working on the next one. I hope this approach works for you, too. Also, it is indeed a very lonely place to be, before a chronic illness is diagnosed. Oh, how I have been there!! It took years. They don’t know quite what it is, so they don’t know quite how to treat it. Yet, your symptoms continue, sometimes unabated. Please feel welcome to chime in on the discussions here, your feedback is welcome! LA

  4. Less is more! Maybe I need to do some more mini-sessions in our garage! I always never know what to do with those things we are in doubt of so maybe next time I’ll throw ’em out. 🙂 Love how you are learning to do what is best for your condition.

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