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Lupus Awareness Blog No. 14 – Lupus Survival Guide

2Today’s lupus blogger, Marisa, is no novice to writing and is an often published author of magazine articles.  Marisa has a great blog  about writing at  About a year ago, she published a blog post about her lupus, 11 Years Later Its Time To Tell the Entire Story.  Marisa now has just launched a new blog about lupus,

Marisa is such an excellent writer, I see no reason for me to describe her blogs, since she is such a skilled writing professional.  Instead, her own articulate words can speak for themselves:

Selected blog excerpts by Marisa:

“Wordslingergal used to be a site where I would post my published newspaper and magazine articles, but has evolved through the years. Today it is a website/blog that will be used to reach out to other writers or those who want to become a writer. My goal is to have interesting articles, links, and guest bloggers that discuss a variety of writing topics.”

“Although I had always enjoyed writing, I never thought it would become my career. In fact, I went to college for nursing! But, life happened – illness happened – and I was forced to stay in bed for a long period of time. It was during that quiet time when an old flame was reignited… my love for writing.”

“What began as volunteer writing for a South Florida newspaper eventually turned into a position as head writer and assistant editor. One published article turned into 250 over time, and I have been featured in Christianity Today, The Good News, Eating Well Magazine, WebMD, MSNBC, and many more as both the writer and the interviewee on several occasions.”

“When I began writing, I attended several writing conferences – something I would absolutely recommend to every writer. It was during those conferences that I learned about freelance magazine writing, book writing, book proposals and business writing. I began to branch out and write freelance web content, resumes, medical writing, book proposals, financial and magazine writing.  I have had Lupus for 12 years and consider myself a survivor and thriver.”

Lupus - Real Life, Real Patients, Real Talk CoverA  little more about Marisa

Marisa wants her new lupus blog to educate people about the disease and offer recent lupus news and breakthroughs.  She also has been an official support group leader for the Lupus Foundation of America, South East Florida Chapter, and served as a member on their Board of Directors.

Today, Marisa works from her New York home as a freelance journalist and editor, as her health allows, and she speaks publicly about Lupus.  Her new book about lupus is available through online book retailers and her blog.

Lupus Truth No. 14 – Lupus and Daily Exercise


Coping with Lupus

Coping with Lupus: People with lupus are usually encouraged to engage in appropriate daily exercise to keep up muscle and bone strength.

Exercise is not intuitive for those with auto-immune health challenges like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Waking up each morning with joint stiffness and pain, the first thought on my mind is definitely NOT exercise!  In fact, my rheumatologist challenged me a couple of visits ago to step up my exercise routine to a daily schedule.  Perhaps my weight hitting a second all time high had something to do with his insistence.

Although I have not met the daily goal to get on the bike, I am much more aware and make sure I am exercising mildly almost every day.

Get some exercise daily!

Unfortunately, bicycling waited for a couple of months after I slipped and had a major hip sprain.  My absentminded (Lupus!) brain forgot I had just mopped up a spill and walked right on top of it – and I went flying.  During the fall, it felt like my gyrating hip was trying to break, and the strain left every muscle in that hip and thigh sore for weeks.

The great news was that my hip was not broken, and that neither hip showed osteoporosis nor more than a hit of osteoarthritis, even after decades of taking steroids!  My physician sent me off to the chiropractor to “tune up” my wrenched spine and hip, and I have seen him weekly since the fall.  Slowly, I started moving better again, even after slipping on a dryer fabric softener sheet with the strained leg forward sliding into the splits (ouch!) and once more on my wet patio.

My milder yoga routines kept up, along with paying more attention to eating a lean healthy diet.  I have dropped 14 pounds in the past couple of months by exercising a little more and sticking with the guidance of a well-known weight loss program.  Now, my healing hip is ready for cycling again and maybe this will “kick-start” phase two of my weight loss – shape up project.

It took a while to get all this extra weight on, and it surely will take more time to get it off.  It was a sad realization that I was elated because I had finally lost enough weight to get back into my FAT clothes!  The goal is stills somewhere pretty far down the road.

4445-POP_FBInstagramTwitter_YellowTo learn more about the truths of lupus and exercise, please read my post from  May 14, 2012.

Plan to POP — Put on Purple — for Lupus May 17th

Remember to pair up your purple socks to get ready to “POP” — Put on Purple — for Lupus this coming Friday, May 17th!


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  1. I am on the same journey with weight loss and exercise. I keep telling myself slow and steady. It certainly does help the lupus. Great post.

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