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Lupus Awareness Blog No. 7 – Lupus Sisters 3 Friends, 1 Disease, 1 Hope

One Disease, Three Friends, One HopeThe lupus blogger spotlight for today shines on trio of gals with lupus who met each other online, and recently began working together on a new blog project, Lupus Sisters.  Theirs is the story of three friends who are all lupus patients: Missie, Sarah and Jen who found each other on the Internet, and now share with each other their struggles and overcoming while living with SLE Lupus.

My PhotoThey share their mission as they view each other as sisters in the battle against lupus, “we live with the hope that one day a cure for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is found and in the mean time we are here together, spreading awareness.”

I liked the concept, and hope to follow and watch them continue to develop their “voice” as they share their joint wisdom and experiences about their combined journey with Lupus.   Check them out and give them some encouragement and support for the creative approach to lupus blogging they have started.

Lupus Truth No. 7 – No Single Test for Lupus

three bfs

No single lupus test

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lupus: There is no single laboratory test that can decide whether a person has lupus.

Diagnosing lupus involves analyzing the results of several lab tests, a comprehensive review of the person’s entire medical history, and considering the medical history of close family members.

When I was finally diagnosed with Lupus, I had demonstrated 7 of the 11 diagnostic criteria, a positive blood test for ANA and decades after repeated childhood tests ruling out rheumatoid arthritis as a possible cause of my symptoms.

To read more about this lupus fact, and some of the lab tests used for making a lupus diagnosis, read my last year’s post about lupus diagnostic tests published on May 7, 2012.

Plan to POP — Put on Purple — for Lupus May 17th

Remember to line up your luscious lavender to get ready to “POP” — Put on Purple — for Lupus on Friday, May 17th!


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  1. Thank you so much for doing a spot light on us! It’s so amazing. We love all the awareness everyone is spreading! Awareness is key!

    Love & Spoon Dust,
    Lupus Sisters

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