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Lupus Awareness Blogger No. 3 – Teen McKayla Futral

Teen Lupus Blogger McKayla Futral

Recently, the Fox News medical team reporter, Beth Galvin’s television report and web article covered a 16 year-old lupus blogger McKayla Futral from Walton County, GA.  Fox News Medical Team – Teen Finds Voice Blogging About Living with Lupus.  McKayla’s lupus began to emerge as early as age 10, including lung infections, stomach problems, headaches, seizures.  It took four years for McKayla to be diagnosed with lupus, and now at 16 she seems to cope with maturity and wisdom well beyond her years.

A few months ago, McKayla started blogging about her life with Lupus, and as Ms. Galvin reports, “as McKayla finds her way, she’s trying to help other people find theirs.”  I enjoyed reading about her playing the piano, and the encouragement she received from a song she heard at church one Sunday.  Now, I will follow her blog,

McKayla’s morning post on the day of her Fox News interview expressed her heart.  “Well everyone, today is the day! I hope I do all of you proud that live with this disease on a daily basis. Today especially I am thinking of those who have been lost needlessly to this disease. I am just one voice in over a million in the US. I hope I will inspire at least one person to help this cause. I also pray if there is anyone out there that has undiagnosed lupus, this report will open their eyes. There should never be a reason for someone to go undiagnosed for 4 years like I did.”

Lupus Truth No. 3 – Childhood Lupus Can Be Serious


Childhood Lupus

Understanding Lupus: Lupus develops most often between ages 15 and 44.  However, between 10 and 20 percent of cases develop during childhood and these cases can evolve more rapidly into serious health complications.  Also, beginning the long-term lifetime use of steroids to control flares at an early age increases the potential serious side effects of these medications, and requires diligence treating these young patients.

To learn more about this lupus fact, please read my post from last year, published on  May 3, 2012.

Plan to POP — Put on Purple — for Lupus May 17th

Remember to pull out your pretty purple spring clothes to get ready to “POP” — Put on Purple — for Lupus on Friday, May 17th!


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