One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Today’s Lupus Blogger

Lupus Awareness Blogger No. 2

Diva is a Latina Jew born in Venezuela, raised in Argentina and now lives in Texas.  She has well over two hundred blog followers, and sub-titles her blog, “Living with Lupus and Still Fabulous.”  Diva started blogging soon after she was diagnosed with lupus three years ago, and describes hers as “one of those many cases that should have been diagnosed years before.” Her final clues to a lupus diagnosis were constant flu-like body aches, joint pains, headaches, limb numbness/weakness, skin rashes and rapid hair loss. A positive scalp biopsy for lupus helped complete a conclusive diagnosis, along with meeting many of the 11 diagnostic criteria for lupus.


Wake-up Call to Enjoy Life

Diva has a psychology degree, is trying to finish her graduate degree, and worked as a project coordinator/research manager in health-services research. Her team’s research in medical decision-making and proactive collaborative communication between the patient and the doctor surely prepared her for a productive relationship with her doctors now.

Diva is an active member of the Lupus Foundation of America – Texas Gulf Chapter. She describes how “Lupus has not only put everything into perspective, but it has become her wake-up call to enjoy life, my family and friends.” She blogs about her love of music, art, and self-expression.


Diva’s Pill Bottle Pop Art

Diva covers a variety of topics in her blog. A favorite recent post has some impressionist pictures of her night stand pill bottle collection “still life” all taken and morphed with the camera tools on her cell phone.

Lupus Truth No. 2 – Lupus unfairly discriminates!

Understanding Lupus: It doesn’t seem fair, but lupus definitely discriminates.  Although our federal laws forbid discrimination based on gender, there are no laws of auto-immunity that follow those edicts.

Unfortunately, 90 percent of the people who develop lupus are women.

Lupus further discriminates because it is two to three times more prevalent among women of color — African-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders — than among Caucasian women.

To learn more about this lupus fact, please read my post from  May 2, 2012.

Plan to POP — Put on Purple — for Lupus May 17th

Remember to hunt down your violet duds to get ready to “POP” — Put on Purple — for Lupus on Friday, May 17th!


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