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Lupus Awareness Month

May is Lupus Awareness Month!

One year ago today, I began posting a series of thirty-one daily lupus facts to promote lupus awareness.  Since those posts cover a lot of things that are still true about lupus, I really don’t think I have thirty-one more new articles left in my lupus-challenged brain about those thirty-one facts!  The list was very inspiring, indeed and covers excellent topics I received from the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) last spring after a meeting with folks from the national LFA office.

These “old” posts continue to draw in a large number of new readers all year-long, and I am encouraged by the continuing stream of comments and questions I receive from readers in response to them.  Because of this ongoing interest in the “old” posts from last year, I plan to briefly reference them again each day, for their lupus awareness value, while also beginning work on a new and different lupus awareness concept for May 2013.

I will do two things that bring those 30 key lupus truths forward into my current posts.  Each post published this month will have a brief statement of one of the thirty lupus facts, followed by a link to the article on that subject from last year.

My blog roll, found on the “Great Lupus Blogs” page has also received steady readership all year-long.  I am very excited about plans for May to post daily lupus blogger highlights and links.  By showcasing some of the diverse journeys we face in our lupus adventures, I hope to bring out the human interest behind some of the great lupus blogs.

Lupus Cruel Mystery Tour

Help us Solve the Cruel Mystery National Tour

Lupus Awareness Blog No. 1

Road to a Lupus Cure

In June 2007, the Lupus Foundation of America ventured out into the realms of social media and started a blog.  LFA staff Blogger Sophie has been writing this blog for almost six years now, and has many guest bloggers from many roles in the lupus community.  Sophie writes many of the posts from her perspective with LFA, but many were posted by doctors, family members of lupus patients, researchers, members of the LFA staff, LFA local chapter members, and countless other people connected in some way with lupus.

Over the past few months, Sophie’s posts have followed the travels of the Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery™ National Tour  as the purple LFA bus rolls from city to city on its nationwide lupus awareness campaign.  The blog tells how they have “met so many people on the bus, from those who have lived with lupus for years and those who had never heard of lupus before.” I learned from the blog about the interactive exhibits on the bus that help people understand what it is like to live with lupus.  Educational events for patients and physicians are often scheduled to take place while the bus is in a particular city, and this helps raise lupus awareness in an interesting and creative way.

If you haven’t yet checked out this official blog of the Lupus Foundation of America, I give it a hearty “thumbs up” and recommend you give it a visit.

Lupus Truth No. 1 – Lupus is Unpredictable

Lupus is an unpredictable and complex autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and can damage any organ in the body with life-threatening consequences. Signs and symptoms of lupus attack on various body symptoms are important to find and seek treatment for while they are active. From time to time lupus can attack nearly any system of a patient’s body.

To learn more about this lupus fact, please read my post from  May 1, 2012.

Plan to POP — Put on Purple — for Lupus May 17th

Happy May Day and the first day of Lupus Awareness Month!  Remember to dig through your closet to get ready to “POP” — Put on Purple — for Lupus on Friday, May 17th!


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