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May Lupus Awareness

May is very special to me for several reasons.  First, I have several special birthdays that all happen throughout May — my mother’s birthday would have been this month, a brother, a sister, my son and my grandson all have birthdays in the next four weeks.  May also has Mother’s Day a couple of Sundays from now.

May is also very special, because it is Lupus Awareness Month.  All month long, I am planning to showcase different lupus patients and bloggers.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to stretch out and expand my network of connections in the lupus community.


Lupus Awareness Adventures!

A year ago, this blog published daily posts on different lupus topics.  In addition to my piece on each lupus patient, I will plan to provide a link to  the blog post for the lupus topic of the day from last year.

Lately, life has become very, very busy!  So, while making a departure from my normal posting patterns, it is my hope that this coming month’s posts will be encouraging and educational.

Come along on May’s Lupus awareness adventures with me!


Comments on: "May is Lupus Awareness Month – Encouraging and Educational" (6)

  1. I first visited your blog last year during Lupus Awareness Month, and I have certainly learned a lot from you since then. While I don’t have this autoimmune disease, I have spent some considerable time writing posts about lupus and rheumatoid arthritis over the last year and a half. I wanted to let you know that I am working on a new infographic for this year’s Lupus Awareness Month, and I wanted to let you know in case you’d be interested in seeing it. May certainly is a special time, and thank you for this great post!

    • Stephen: Thank you for your kind words and work helping educate others about these related autoimmune diseases. I will look forward to looking at the results of your new project. LA

  2. complicatedfabulous said:

    May is a great month for Birthdays! 🙂 My birthday and World Lupus Day are both May 10th…funny how life works, right?

  3. I’ll be joining you, but I’m focusing on other social media prolonged flare is hindering my Favorite & busiest month of the year! Looking forward to your posts, I haven’t read one yet that isn’t great. Pace yourself!!

  4. I loved last years posts and looking forward to this years posts!!

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