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Walk to End Lupus Now LogoWalk to End Lupus Now – Arizona 2013

I am extremely excited to announce that on April 27th, the Lupus Foundation of America, Arizona Chapter and the City of Scottsdale, Arizona are sponsoring the  Arizona 2013 Walk to End Lupus Now™.  This spring, all over America and the world, local communities are holding their own Walk to End Lupus Now™ in an annual fund-raising campaign to support the Lupus Foundation of America.

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Would you join Lupus Adventurer’s Walk Team?

My team’s goal is to raise $500.00

I would be extremely honored if each one of my readers would consider supporting the Walk to End Lupus Now™ in any of these four ways.  Would you please consider supporting me and my team?

1. Sign up to join my walk team as a walker if you live in Arizona and can come out on the day of the walk.  I would love to meet you!!

You have probably noticed that my identity is a careful mystery here on my blog, out of necessity for internet security reasons.  However, the Lupus Foundation of America Arizona and National offices staff know my true identity.  If you are able to join my team and you can come out on the day of the walk, I would be honored to meet and get to know you personally on the day of the walk.

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How could you support us?

2. Sign up to join my walk team as a virtual walker, and get supporters to sponsor you or simply make a modest donation.

3. Sign up to sponsor me for the walk – Although I am unable to physically walk due to lupus arthritis and sun sensitivity, in my “virtual walker” role I will be busy supervising the walk registration booth. Supporters can sponsor me personally at  I will collect no money myself.  All donations supporting me or my team can be made directly online for the Lupus Foundation of America.

purple cheerleader4. Join my walk team as an enthusiastic member of our cheering team, and encourage my team with your comments here or on my Lupus Adventurer Virtual Walkers Team Page.  I know everyone cannot support us with money.  However, your encouragement and prayer support for the safety of the lupus patients, and their friends and family who come out on the day of the walk would be simply awesome!

AZ Lupus Walk Home Page PixWhy have a 2013 Walk to End Lupus Now™?

The purpose of the 2013 Walk to End Lupus Now™ is to raise funds for the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA).  The Arizona walk goal is to raise $50,000 for the 90,000 people living with lupus in the Arizona area. Your donation will help me reach my personal fundraising goal of $500, and I hope that you’ll help me reach this goal!  I realize these are tough times for many people, but every bit helps!!  Separate small donations together would be enough to make a difference.

Lupus Now Lupus Adventurer Team Page 2013Join the Lupus Foundation of America and thousands of walkers in nearly 60 cities across the nation to raise money for lupus research, increase awareness of lupus, and rally public support for the estimated 1.5 million Americans who suffer from its brutal impact.

Walk to End Lupus Now™ events give all people affected by lupus the opportunity to come together for one unified purpose, to end lupus.

Before donating, I would urge you to check out the Lupus Foundation of America‘s web site at to learn more about this year’s Walk to End Lupus Now™ and to verify the credentials of the walk registration site.

Arizona Walk Information Site:

Lupus Adventurer Virtual Walkers Team Site:

Lupus Adventurer’s Personal Walk Page:

Thank you so much for considering your role in support of the 2013 Walk to End Lupus Now™.


Comments on: "Join Lupus Adventurer in Arizona Walk to End Lupus Now April 27, 2013" (13)

  1. I wish that I could make it over to Arizona to show my support for a lupus cure, but I already have an event I must attend in Tampa that weekend. Thanks for providing the link to the Lupus Foundation’s page on Walk to End Lupus. I think I might be able to find another walk that is going to be a little closer to me.

    • SIF: Thanks for stopping by my blog and voicing your support for the Lupus Foundation. Have a great day! LA

    • Thanks for sharing these great words of support Steve! I also wish that I had been able to get over to this walk. With May right around the corner, I really want to show some more support for a chronic disease that I have written quite a bit about. I also wanted to say thanks to you Lupus Adventurer, because your journey and blog have been quite inspiring!

  2. I am so excited about this walk. God willing I will be walking in the walk this month…

  3. Hi Julie, wish I could join you. Well done for doing the walk and well done to everyone else too. And thanks to those who are doing it, because I know I couldn’t. Although if we were living in the States and not the Uk, Chewie says he would put me in the wheelchair and walk with me pushing me for a while, and I could use the chair as an aid and walk a little way myself, every little helps eh. Anyway as I said, good luck my dear friend, take care, love and huge hugs emmsxoxoxox

    • ER: Thanks for stopping by here and chiming in supporting the Arizona Lupus walk. We are planning to have a few wheel chairs available for anyone who needs to be pushed rather than walk, and I am coordinating a couple for the walk. Have a great UK day! LA

  4. Thank you for sharing this important Arizona community event!! The more people we have walking together, the move strength we share! Walk on!

  5. butudontlooksick said:

    Hey there LA, I’m here in Phx and already signed up for the walk. I’m meeting 3 other girls with lupus I met online. (haven’t met them yet in person either) We didn’t have enough to make a team so we just signed up separately! I”ve only raised $200 so far, but it’s a start!!!! SMALL WORLD, HUH? Here’s my page:

    • butudontlooksick said:

      LA, I tried contacting you personally..we would be up to joining YOUR TEAM, I can contact David and see if he can switch us over to you..hoping to hear back from you soon. I hope you are feeling better. I love your blog. Love Julie

      • Do you have David’s email? If not send me an email at and I will reply to you with my personal email account. I would be deeply humbled and honored to have you on the LA team!! LA

      • JJ: I left you a comment on my Facebook, too. I would be extremely humbled and honored to have you and anyone else you’d like to bring along join my team. I spoke with David via email before creating a separate walk registration name under my blogging pen name “LA” because I wanted him to know about it beforehand. He was very supportive, and we hoped it would help give the walk efforts some more exposure on the internet. LA

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