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Lupus, the cruel mystery!
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This winter the Lupus Foundation of America released their new slogan and lupus awareness campaign, promoting the idea of lupus being a cruel mystery.  Well, it can indeed be a mystery, both personally and medically.

So, here I sit with my own little midnight mystery game of Clue.  As in the well-known board game, my mystery would be solved by assembling the correct three clues.  Here are tonight’s three clues:

Clue Board Game

Clue # 1 – It was Lupus

Clue 1 – by Lupus

Having gone to bed with the dog at our feet, all snuggled in for the proverbial long winter’s nap, I’d thought I had successfully closed my eyes until morning.  Then, after dozing off in reasonable comfort, I expected to be drifting in dreams until dawn.  Then, mysteriously, slumber was interrupted and I was wide awake.  My legs hurt in the pain of the darkness, and my bones were unsettled by gnawing aches.  Why was my beauty rest cut short?  Why was I being so cruelly deprived of blissful slumber?  Who was responsible for this crime?  The first clue and answer, it was done “by lupus.”

Clue # 2 - In the Kitchen

Clue # 2 – In the Kitchen

Clue 2 – in the kitchen

So, where do I find myself trying to find an answer?  First I walk down the hall away from my bedroom.  I walk over to a countertop where my weekly morning and evening medication strips are setting out.  Picking up the blue one labeled “PM,” I confirmed I had indeed taken my bedtime medications.  The compartment for that evening’s doses was empty. This confirmed my first clue was correct.  I was awake because of lupus and not due to my own forgetfulness.

I walked across the room to the cabinet containing a basket holding all my medication bottles.  I opened the bottle of acetaminophen and tucked two into the pocket of my robe.  After making a warm cup of decaf coffee, I sat down to take the pills out of my pocket and take them with a sip.  So, to what room had I wandered in search of an answer to my middle of the night discomfort?  The second clue and answer was that I was now “in the kitchen.”

Clue # 3 - with the Candlestick

Clue # 3 – with the Candlestick

Clue 3 – with the candlestick

The room was completely dark except for the gentle glow emitting all over the surface in front of me.  I sat there, waiting on the relief the analgesic medication would bring as I set out to describe this short chapter in my ongoing lupus mystery. The words flowed, one line after the other, as the keys beneath my fingers gently clicked with a quiet uneven tapping sound.  My pain lessened with the swift passing of a mere quarter-hour.  In the faint light cast before me, the tops of my hands were softly illuminated as they typed in the darkened room.

What was the source of the feeble rays shining around my lightened circle?  My small computer, emitting its back-light from the screen before me had brightened the night in the small area where I sat.  It cast no more light than a single flame, and it had become a modern-day counterpart to the mobile light source carried from room to room in the classic Clue game.  The third clue and answer was that I sat there awakened by lupus, in the kitchen,  “with the candlestick.”

(Okay, I know this is a bit of a stretch, but just I could not figure out a good way to work any of the other Clue weapons into my analogy.)

Mystery, solved!

Mystery solved!

Mystery solved!

So, a small chapter of my lupus mystery was solved for the time being. Although I had lost a good part of an hour’s sleep, I was ready to reclaim the remainder of the night’s promise of rest.  My solution was complete as the medication took effect.  I was grateful that I did not have to reach for stronger medications, and that the acetaminophen was enough this time.

In the brief minutes it took to find my three clues and draft my somewhat silly narration, my pain had lifted and I went back to bed, again.

Closing the "candlestick"?

Closing the “candlestick”?

I chuckled to myself, as I headed back down the hall, still pondering the “Clue” game I had just played, as a humorous distraction from my sleep-interrupting lupus pain.  So, we have deduced that it was indeed Lupus, in the kitchen, with the candlestick.  My simple contrivance of a “who-done-it” mystery was solved to my own pathetically amused satisfaction.

Closing my computer, my narrative ends and my resumed sleep now can again begin.

Good night!


Comments on: "Clue Game? by lupus, in the kitchen, with the candlestick" (5)

  1. Only you, Adventurer, would have thought to equate the relief of lupus pain with something so familiar to all. Personally, I think Colonel Mustard was the relief in every kitchen!

  2. Brenda said:

    I have never had any problems when visiting your blog with ads. I loved this post and as always can relate to it so well!!

  3. Oh, one other thing….I noticed your blog has that **&^%#@ ad for Miracle Diet Pill with the hot babe telling you how much you can lose, yada yada. I thought it had hitched a ride on my own blog, but evidently it’s in the WordPress site itself. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

    • Thank you so much for the heads up! I will double check to see if there is anything wrong on my PC or blog site. You also might want to check your browser for malware add ins and run virus/malware checker on your PC. I have had those type of things popping up before on my PC when I got on the internet. I don’t see anything bad on my blog when I view it and I have McAfee Sight Adviser installed on my PC, so it can usually catch that type of stuff. McAfee reviewed my blog this week and approved it with a safe rating. I will get with my resident geek for a PC check up.

      Here is a link to a free Microsoft malware tool:

      Would anyone else please let me know if there is a problem for them when they view my blog?

      Thanks! LA

  4. Very good reasoning! My PCP said, when I told her I had problems going to sleep and sleeping all night, suggested (besides the 30 mg of amitryptaline) I take OTC Melatonin. Been taking it for three nights in succession and they really work.
    I haven’t used it specifically FOR pain, but it seems to lessen the pains somewhat so I can sleep.

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