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Shopping in shoes that hurt

There is nothing more difficult to bear than walking in shoes that make your feet hurt.  When lupus focuses on the tendons in my feet and ankles, my ankles swell and it seems no pair of shoes is comfortable.  Usually, I have worn my high quality sneakers to go shopping.  Lately, I have worn them to work with slacks to baby my swollen tendons.  However, on Saturday, my sneakers were soaked in a deep puddle during the morning’s drenching rain storm.


Sneakers soaked in a deep puddle!
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Even in Arizona, we have very cold weather in January and February, and with several days in a row of non-stop rain, it was too cold to wear wet sneakers on a shopping trip.  I slipped my prescription orthotics into a pair of reasonably comfy flats, and set out shopping on Saturday.  What a mistake!

Let me back track a little and explain.

I had put off shopping for a family member’s birthday as long as possible because of the inflammation in my joints for the past couple of weeks.  Now, my time was gone to buy some other gifts I also needed, so Saturday was my last available chance to shop for them.

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Gift Shopping on Sore Feet

Before I was finished shopping at the first store, my feet were hurting and the back top edge of my shoes was riding too low on my heel because of the orthotics.  The shoe back was pressing into the back of my aching Achilles tendons, and very soon I could hardly take another step.  My feet were not going to last the afternoon without some serious intervention!

As soon as possible, I finished up quickly at the first store and then hobbled to my car to drive to the nearest Kohl’s department store.  I had only one mission in mind to do first – I would buy some new, comfortable shoes before destroying my tendons in what I was wearing.  I was determined that giving up on the shopping trip was just not an option! I thought, maybe I could also find something that looked better than sneakers to wear to work on lupus flare days.

Let me give a little more background.

butterfly on foot 2

Lupus Patient who shredded
her Achilles tendons

I know a lupus patient who shredded her inflamed and swollen Achilles tendons when she was in lupus flare several years ago.  Now, she is wheelchair bound without hope of repair for her ruined tendons.  Then, a few years ago I shredded one of my own Plantaris tendons where it branched off the Achilles tendon in my right calf.  At the time, I had been in a lupus flare and was performing some mildly athletic activity.  Unfortunately, I forgot to consider the risk of tendon injury during flare.  Then a couple of years ago, I came within a few steps of shredding the tendons in my heel while walking back and forth between the hotel and events at a legal conference in Boston.

Therefore, now, I am very, very careful when my tendons are swollen or sore.

Achilles tendon injury
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By the way, shredding an Achilles or Plantaris tendon is suddenly and excruciatingly painful.  While my torn Plantaris tendon hurt a great deal and grounded me for a couple of days, I understand that an Achilles tendon is much, much worse.  When the Achilles rips, it has been said to feel like a gun shot in the calf.  Plantaris tendons are optional, but Achilles tendons are essential when it comes to walking.  Since I like being able to walk, I really like the idea of keeping my remaining leg tendons as healthy and whole as possible.


Ultra-light, comfy and supportive

So, my Saturday shopping goal was achieved before the afternoon was over.  First, I found the new pair of shoes that helped me finish the rest of my procurement mission.  I found a pair of Sketchers Go Walk slip on shoes that are now my new favorites.  They were a little more pricey than I would have liked, but are light as a feather, and are amazingly comfortable and supportive.

I have even worn them to work for the past two days.  I think they have contributed to the improvement and healing of my sore foot and ankle tendons, because tonight, my feet and legs are much less painful.

Finding suggestions for reasonable lupus accommodations

Walking today with little pain

Today, I walked between buildings across the campus of my workplace without hurting my feet and ankles, and was even able to keep up with my associate as we crossed the plaza. For the past three days, my feet have been better than they were at the beginning of my Saturday afternoon shopping expedition, or for that matter, at any time in the past two to three weeks.  What a relief!

Tonight, I sit here as a much more comfortable and happy sometimes pedestrian.

[Note:  The product endorsement contained in this post is unsolicited and completely uncompensated.]


Comments on: "Lupus, tendons and the happy sometimes pedestrian" (4)

  1. I use keens
    They fit my foot better than anything else
    I avoid any shoe that doesn’t feel good on my foot

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  3. Wow. I had no idea. I am so glad you found a solution to your problem. I have had long-term bouts of heel pain. It can make life quite difficult. The one doctor gave me inexpensive inserts but it did not keep the problem from recurring after a while. The second time it came back with a vengeance. The new doctor I found was amazing. He helped solve the problem with lots of education, and a boot I wear at night from time to time, along with adjusting my inserts. You do not need several hundred dollar inserts if you find the right doctor to help you. I have to be very careful with the shoes I wear also. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. I did not know this! My feet give me the worst pain and I can’t keep up with my family when we are shopping. I’m always lagging behind when I used to be the one out front. But now the pain prevents me from keeping up. I have learned so much from you that even my own doctor didn’t even know! Thank you for this blog, for it is so helpful to me and I’m sure to lots of others suffering from Lupus!

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