One Patient's Positive Perspectives


The week after Christmas, with lupus in flare!

It was the week after Christmas and all through my home,
All the dust has been stirring as I walk through each room.

The stockings are still hung by the chimney, its clear,
that by this time of year, the mantle should be bare!

But I’m still exhausted and my lupus is in flare,
If all the stuff’s still up, I just don’t really care!

Until out in the driveway there arose noisy chatter,
then a knock at the door, it was my husband’s mother!

And on what do her wondering eyes fix and peer?
Christmas decorations still up, long after the New Year!

Down tinsel, and snowmen, and poinsettia in bloom,
It’s now time to de-decorate all over each room.

From the eaves of the house to the stuff on each wall,
Dash away, put away, stash away, all!

By Lupus Adventurer
Copyright 2013


Comments on: "The Week after Christmas, with Lupus in flare!" (3)

  1. But at least you had the energy to be creative! Far more important and certainly more enjoyable than the domestics! My house is in desperate need of at least a lick and a polish too – friend coming for tea next Monday. That’s pretty much the only time it GETS cleaned – when someone’s visiting and I’m shamed into action.

    I don’t have lupus (as far as I know – so far!) but I have APS (antiphospholipid syndrome) and Sjogren’s – so we’re in the same ‘family’ :-).

    Take care. Get the mother-in-law round more often to do the chores, if she’s that bothered :-).

  2. Sounds like my house! I normally take the tree down on New Years’ Day….was late this year; just got it all un-decorated. Now my son has to take the big plastic box out to the garage where it will hide until next year. Even though it’s marked, Xmas. I, too, have flared, because of The Season, but also because I had all my teeth pulled for dentures three weeks ago. An assault on my body, as well as stressful days around the holiday.
    We do the best we can.
    I’m thinking of not even putting the tree up next year. Two friends my same age didn’t put their trees up this year, and they don’t even have lupus.

  3. Oh how I know how you feel LA, what a great poem to capture this week. I just finally took a long hot shower & really looked at the disaster of my house but don’t care! I’m clean, my coffee mug is clean & ready for the Keurig & that’s success! Keep resting when you can & know I’m sending prayers your way.

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