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Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Awaking on my birthday the morning after Christmas, my husband was plying me to enter the morning with fresh brewed coffee.  What could be better at 7:00 a.m. than fresh gourmet java?  After greeting me with a sweet good morning kiss and “Happy Birthday, sweetheart,” he agreed to my groggy suggestion of where he could find the Christmas leftovers to take with him to work for his lunch.

Soon, he had headed out to work while I sipped half of the hot cup of coffee, and after setting down the partly finished cup, I rolled over and snuggled into my pillow to catch a little more sleep.  After all, I was entitled, it was my birthday!  One more hour would be just what the doctor ordered for my groggy grey matter.

Repeated steroid treatments

Going for the steroids

Five hours later, I stumbled out of bed toward the kitchen, gasping when I saw the clock face on my stove read 12:07.  I had slept until noon!  The only trouble with sleeping in was that I was supposed to have been to work by mid morning, earlier than it was by then.  I stood there for a moment, and was in a deep state of mental cloud with whopping all over lupus symptoms. I was I the middle of a major post-holiday flare of my CNS lupus.  A not so welcome birthday lupus adventure!


Downed meds with more coffee

I went straight for my morning meds and some extra prednisone, downing them with a cup of fresh brewed coffee from my new Keurig coffee maker.  While it might seem like I should have been fully rested after fourteen hours of sleep, I was everything but refreshed.  I felt completely exhausted!

Back to my data confused

a quick email to my boss

I sat down at my desk and wrote a quick email to my boss explaining the all too clear truth, and set out to quickly recover the rest of my birthday and work day.

Within just over an hour, I arrived at my office but was still stumbling mentally through my responsibilities.  I had brought goodies with me to share with the skeletal group who staffed our office in the days between Christmas and New Years, and they helped me indulge in my favorite triple berry birthday pie and a plate of Christmas sugar cookies.

Except for the three high points: my husband’s good morning kiss, co-worker birthday greetings and berry pie, it proved to be one of my toughest half work days in recent history due to the extreme activity of my lupus, attacking brain, joints, and just about every other part of me.  My evening however ended on a high note, as I arrived home to a message that the kids were bringing home dinner.  We shared a quiet birthday take-out dinner from a local pizzeria with my husband, daughter and son-in-law.

Celebrating Lupus Awareness Month, May 2012

Taking care of lupus flare

Each morning since, my lupus symptoms have been a little lessened, and each day I have dropped the prednisone dose by a couple of milligrams.  It will take a couple of weeks to get back to my normal five milligrams per day maintenance dose.  Although I have ambivalent love/hate for the steroids, there is no choice but to take them when my lupus flares that severely and suddenly.  The only real option is to burst with prednisone to take care of that kind post-holiday lupus flare.

Unfortunately, the extra sleep had not been enough to prevent it, but a timely burst of steroids can shut it down.  I am grateful my doctor prescribes extra prednisone for me to have on hand for quickly controlling flares just like this.


Comments on: "Post holiday care for a major lupus flare" (9)

  1. First & most important, Happy Belated Birthday LA! I swear we could be related! I have the same new Keurig for Christmas..yaay..and was desperately searching for prednisone in my pill box to get me through the holiday, praying for just one dropped pill to be found to no avail. I wish more rheumys would prescribe prednisone like this, we certainly know how to take it & wont ever abuse it! Love/hate is so so true but it’s the only drug that helps in these times. I love your blog, the support of your family & employer, your Drs, it gives me hope! I pray you’re feeling better & thank you for all you do.

    • JM: Thanks for the birthday wishes and nice comment. The support makes it all so much more possible to cope and overcome the negatives, even better than the prednisone. Take care of your own lupus flare! LA

      • I’m trying very hard to take care of this flare, but this is one I’ve yet to encounter even after.all these years, it has a mind all its own! And of course, I did find prednisone, I knew it was somewhere in there! Here’s to winning the war in 2013, God Bless!!

  2. Reblogged this on Rheumatologists are Doctors Too and commented:
    Thank you so much for sharing this! I know many lupus patients can relate and I know it helps knowing they are not alone. That someone understands.

  3. Well, first I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Second, I did want to say that I’m so sorry you had to wake to such a nasty, Lupus-stinks, day! Praying that 2013 brings you a much better year full of blessings galore!! Happy New Year! BTW … love the snow flakes. 🙂

    • RM: Thanks for your kind wishes. I wasn’t sure if the snowflakes were just showing for me, or for the public view of my blog. Cool! Thanks for confirming the answer to my question. Have a great rest of the holidays. LA

  4. Olá,

    Muito bom! Voltarei.

    Bom ano!

  5. complicatedfabulous said:

    I had to do the extra burst of prednisone this week, too! Christmas Eve and Christmas day proved too much for me. I hope I headed the flare off at the pass. I felt somewhat better this morning, so no extra Prednisone today. Hope you feel better soon! And Happy Belated Birthday!!

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