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Saturday morning

Saturday morning

Waking up on a Saturday morning, it is always a relief for a working wife and mother with Lupus.  This is the one day no one is expecting her to be somewhere, fix her hair, put on shoes nor get out of pajamas until noon.  Housework can wait for the afternoon, laundry comes later and feeding the dog is the heaviest Saturday morning responsibility.

There is a different atmosphere in the air this morning.  Relaxed, pressure-less, peaceful and quiet.  She actually notices the sound of birds chirping as she traverses the hallway from her bedroom to the front of the house.  Walking into to the kitchen with her husband, he heads straight for the coffee pot and begins the morning java mechanics.  Setting that in motion, he leaves the kitchen to wait for the coffee to brew.

cinnamon rolls unbaked

Almost feels mischievous

She feels almost mischievous as she quietly turns on the oven and plans to surprise the household with cinnamon rolls.  She works swiftly in her preparations, hoping they will be ready soon after the coffee is ready.  Snapping open the cardboard tube with a crack on the edge of the counter, she twists the spiraled cardboard away from the spiced dough roll within.  Gently placing each one in a baking pan, the cinnamon rolls are quickly slid into the hot oven and the time ticks off the dozen minutes until completion.

coffee pouring into mug 2

Pouring cups of ready coffee

Pouring the cup of ready coffee for herself and her husband, she walks to their office and delivers a cup of steaming brew.  She is greeted with a grateful smile and “thank you” from the pajama clad husband sitting and working at his computer.  Placing her own cup down on her desk, she returns to the kitchen to complete her plan.

cinnamon rolls in pan

Icing hot cinnamon rolls

Pulling the ready rolls from the oven, she pulls out the icing packet and spreads it over the soft steaming cinnamon rolls –  it melts and trickles down over them.  Perfect!  Slipping a couple of the soft warm rolls to each plate, her daughter arrives at the kitchen counter just as the plates are filled, then walks away grinning with her welcome prize.   Picking up the other two plates, she returns to the office with her breakfast surprise in hand.

cinnamon rolls on plate

The aroma of cinnamon rolls

Walking softly up behind his chair with his plate, she stands beside him and waves the still steaming pastry under his nose.  As he draws in a deep drought of the sweet cinnamon aroma, he turns with sparkling eyes and a warming smile, responding out loud with “very nice, thank you!”

Sitting down to her own coffee, goodies and computer, she is quite pleased with the outcome of her small morning mischief.  She begins reading her lupus blog, contemplating what to write and quickly realizes something very important.

computer coffee mug

Simple act of kindness made thoughts of lupus temporarily vanish

For a few minutes, her plan and simple deed to surprise and show a small kindness for the others in her life, caused her own morning arthritis stiffness, pain and lupus brain fog seem to all but disappear.  Her simple act of kindness and serving helped lupus temporarily vanish from her thoughts.  For those precious moments, she seemed almost temporarily “cured” or at least, completely distracted.

Meanwhile, she and everyone else at her house was still smiling and savoring the fruit of her simple deed.  Delicious!


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