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Brand New LFA Logo and Awareness Slogan

You may know the Lupus Foundation of America, but have you heard about their new rallying cry and awareness campaign launched last week?  The new logo and branding campaign, should help spread lupus awareness, and help people better understand the mystery, complexity and potential severity of lupus.

Watch the video to learn more about the new LFA logo and awareness slogan:

To read more of the following excerpt from the ALA website, click on this link: more…

Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery™ National Tour

(From LFA Washington, DC) LFA is launching a multi-city education and awareness initiative to engage the public, healthcare providers and those living with the disease in the fight to end lupus. The Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery™ National Tour will feature a 45-foot bus, equipped with eight interactive exhibits and displays, where visitors can learn about lupus, experience what it is like to live with the disease, and sign a petition to urge Congress to provide more funds for lupus research, education programs, and support services.

Interact with world-renowned lupus experts

The tour includes a patient education program where people with lupus and their families can interact with world-renowned lupus experts to learn more about the disease. In addition, healthcare providers can attend Continuing Medical Education (CME) events on the biology of lupus, organ system effects, diagnosis, and treatment.


Learn more about the ALA lupus awareness bus tour, new education programs, and ways you can get involved in the fight to end lupus, by visiting LFA’s special site,

You can also help like I did, by adding your comments about lupus at Lupus Voices Across America™


Comments on: "LUPUS FOUNDATION OF AMERICA – A Stronger Voice Fighting Lupus" (6)

  1. […] Reblogged from Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines: […]

  2. Reblogged this on Wisdom City and commented:
    As an Australian, I can’t directly participate in the Lupus Foundation of America’s ‘Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery National Tour’, but I’d love to encourage any who can participate to do so! See the excellent post at “Lupus, the Adventure Between The Lines” for more details…

    • M@M:Thank you so much for sharing this important information about Lupus Awareness activities here in the U.S. I am very honored that you re-blogged the post. Have a great day! LA

  3. Brenda said:

    This is awesome, thanks for posting this!! I will be sharing with everyone I know. Also thanks to jennmillar45 for her comment!

  4. You can also sign up to become an e-Congressional Advocate at this same site for the state you live in! Very easy, minimal time but so important every Congressional representative in every state be contacted by us to increase awareness & funding. Thank you for posting this!

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