One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Conference at Disneyland Hotel

Well, last week we were preparing to leave for my legal conference at the Disneyland Hotel and our extended anniversary vacation to follow.  I was wrapping things up a little late that night at my office, it was getting dark and I was almost done preparing to be out of the office for about a week.  My phone rang and seeing it was my husband, I picked up and soon perceived some considerable distress on the other end of the line.

Knees Crashed

While getting our suitcases down in our workshop building, my husband slipped and twisted his ankle.  The imbalance sent him down onto the same knee, slamming it into the concrete floor of the storage room.  Our phone conversation was just minutes later, and after accepting my advice, he headed out to the emergency room and I packed up my work laptop to take on the trip and set out to rendezvous with him at the hospital.

By the time just an hour had gone by, his knee was swollen to well over the size of a large cantaloupe and he was hurting badly.  After x-rays and pain medications, he was sent home with more medication, an ice pack, crutches and a large knee brace.  My the time we returned home, it was after 1:00 a.m. and his pain level was something close to misery.

Sleeping on the Notion

It seemed in that wee hours of the morning that our plan to leave on a driving trip early the next morning, despite my protests, was something he was not yet willing to relinquish.  We went to sleep on the notion that we would decide  in the morning.

Plans Dashed

What seemed to him to be entirely possible at the midnight hour seemed undo-able the next morning.  After the first cup of coffee we resolved that I would fly out alone for my conference, and he would stay home to “ice and elevate” as the emergency room doctor had ordered.  I would fly back home a couple of days later, and our extended leg of the anniversary trip would be scratched.

I set out making new plans and unraveling the old ones, and doing the packing the E.R. trip had interrupted.

Adventure outside the gates

Disneyland at night without him would be no fun, and walking through the amusement park, instead him pushing me in a wheel chair as we had planned, was beyond my physical ability.

Because of my lupus arthritis I can neither walk a mile nor climb a flight of stairs, and because of the remnants of a serious cervical spine injury cannot ride roller coasters or go on jarring rides.  I was destined to come close, but not cross the through the gates of the fantasy world I would see but not enter.  Besides, it would have been just no fun alone!

Anniversary Plans Scrapped

At 9:00 a.m. I reserved my flight online and printed a boarding pass in one fell swoop, following up with a call to the Marriott resort to cancel our anniversary stay.  With three hours until leaving for the airport, I drove by the pharmacy and asked the druggist for a rush fill on the pain med script from the night before, and dashed to the grocery store to re-fill the fridge with easy to fix foods.  With groceries and drugs in tow, I got back home with an hour to spare.

10 minutes to spare!

Next came setting a time record for my fastest suitcase packing job ever.  After taking just a few minutes to put the groceries away and wash fresh grapes, strawberries and grape tomatoes, I set them to drain by the kitchen sink and I was ready to roll.  By noon I was heading out to the airport to catch a flight that had been arranged only three short hours earlier.  I passed through airport security and sat down at the gate ten whole minutes before boarding my plane.

Three day Conference at Disneyland Hotel

During three days at the Disneyland Hotel attending my legal conference, I had some quiet evenings, finished a good book, and rested when not attending educational sessions.  I reconnected with professional peers and was grateful to have short distances to walk between my hotel room and the conference center.

Courtesy Ticket Refund

An unexpected courtesy came when the Disneyland Hotel desk staff heard my story and contacted the Disneyland ticket office to arrange a full refund for our tickets to the theme park.  This took the sting out of my adventure outside the gates of a theme park I could not and did not want to visit alone.

Comfort of My Home, Comforting Husband

Tonight, I am back in the comfort of my home, and back where I can comfort my hurting husband.  My car is back in the garage, I fixed dinner for my lonely hungry hurting sweetheart, and all is mostly right again in our little corner of the world.  Our alternate anniversary plans for Monday?  Off to the doctor!


Comments on: "Lupus Adventures Outside the Disneyland Gates" (8)

  1. What a lovely story, albeit one w/some disappointments, yet knowing you were able to provide comfort and love to someone who does the same for you. Guess that is what marriage is all about. Bravo!

  2. So sorry to hear of this accident your hubby had! We went to Disney too, but I soon found out (part of the denial) that I could not do the parks on my own two feet all day long. Heck I could hardly do it just in the evening! I was in so much pain, but I did get to see the castle and that was my goal and our son got to do to the park that he wanted to go to, so I was happy about that too, but felt bad that he didn’t get to enjoy the parks like he should have. I never gave it a thought to get a wheel chair to use until my Lupus support group people asked me why didn’t I do the wheel chair. I keep thinking I’m still my “old” self and find out very quickly that I’m not that person anymore. Sending prayers for you husband that he heals quickly.

    • Yes, it takes a few of those kind of outing disasters before you are finally willing to accept you can’t do what everyone else does. I have done more shopping than I would like to admit in a wheelchari — I am admitting it now, aren’t I? The trouble is that even everyone normal hurts after a day of walking at Disneyland, except that the non-lupies can get up and move the next day, and they don’t have to worry about triggering a monster flare. Thanks so much for your prayers for my sweetie. He is in a lot of pain but toughing it out. LA

  3. Sounds similar to my life. I have gone to the most magical land on earth ( Disney of course) while riding on a hover round through the park with my adult children. It was fun and a fairy tale, but by the end of the night the cold and damp hurting my lupusy joints, I headed to the hotel. The after math was a three week bout with pneumonia. But it was worth every minute spending that amazing time with my kids! I hope hubby gets better soon!!!

    • Lori: It sounds like you had a better time at Disneyland than I did! I stuck close to the main hotel and declined the suggestion of renting a motor wheel chair while there. I have had that type of pneumonia, when it hits you with both barrels after you have worn yourself out. What a mom won’t do for her kids! Thanks for the well-wishes for my hubby! LA

  4. When it rains it pours, doesn’t it? So sorry about your streak of luck and hope hubby gets better soon! Happy Anniversary!

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