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Breakfast Feast

We had a wonderful time this morning hosting breakfast for the family clan, and celebrated three birthdays over a brunch feast.  Getting ready for company last night after working all week was a bit of a challenge.  Against better judgment, I ended up staying up after midnight putting the finishing touches on my house.  I really like to make sure guests in my home feel comfortable, and for me that means making sure things are orderly and clean.

Where’s the balance?  I’m really not sure, but I keep trying to find it.  I must admit, last night was not balance!  At midnight I got the fruit tray ready, washing the grapes, strawberries and pineapple chunks,  and set the rinsed bananas out for the morning, leaving just enough room on my fruit platter to pile up some halved bananas.  By the time I was sure everything was “done, it was a couple of hours after midnight. ”

Blame the dog?

After I finally found myself in bed in the dark, I realized I had stayed up late enough that peripheral neuropathy leg pain rapidly kicked into full gear.  Although I tried to fall asleep, it just wasn’t happening!

After laying awake the dark, I became annoyed as our little dog at the end of the bed kept sitting on my painful legs, shifting around and making continual noises.  Most nights we let him lay quietly on his blanket on the end of the bed. while we watch some TV and occasionally nibble on popcorn.  He usually attempts to be a good little dog, but is often beside himself with exuberance until we break down and toss him a piece of popcorn.  If he is quiet and we fall asleep, once in a while he gets the prize of sleeping on our bed all night.

However, after his prolonged and irritating antics during my slumber-less night, it wasn’t long before I ushered him swiftly to his kennel and crawled back in bed to try again.  Maybe I could blame the problem on the dog!

Soothing sound of waves

I picked up my Nook Tablet from the bedside table and found its “white noise” application. After sampling several noises of birds, wind and waves, I settled on surf rhythmically crashing into some unknown shore.  It was soothing, and if not for the neuropathy pain, I would have probably slipped away into pleasant slumber, dreaming of  driftwood on the make-believe surf.  In the long darkness, the white noise timer shut down an hour later, but still  I was sleepless and enduring painful surges of persistent neuropathy pain.

Calming sound of rain

Wary that taking strong medication for my pain would make waking up in time for 8:00 a.m. company difficult, I finally got out of bed a second time looking for an alternate solution.  A microwaved quick latte made with decaf tea, warm milk and honey actually helped increase my wish to sleep, but the neuropathy still was relentless.  As a last resort, I went out to my leather chair and reclined with my Nook in my lap playing white noise sounds, this time of a calming rain shower.  I finished my soothing latte and decided to sit out the night in my chair, since it was the most comfortable and close to sleep I had been in two hours.

Rested enough to enjoy breakfast

At last, sleep overtook me and brought three hours of precious sleep.  My husband found me asleep in the living room at 5:30 a.m. and woke me gently.  He encouraged me to finish  slumbering back in the comfort of bed.  Now I was finally sleepy enough to catch a few more serious winks on my pillow.  Morning came much too early for my tired lupus-challenged brain, but at least, I had enough sleep to thoroughly enjoy our early morning family gathering.

As for tonight, no midnight housework or cooking.  Instead, for me it is “early to bed” after such an “early to rise” morning!


Comments on: "Lupus neuropathy on the way to breakfast" (4)

  1. Adventurer, only you would think of bringing together lupus neuropathy and a family get together! I love reading your inventive and informative posts. Sometimes, I think I’m a wimp for not working (I’m on SSD), when I know there are so many other lupies who do.

    But SLE has attacked my lungs and joints, making it pretty impossible for me to walk out to the car without gasping for air and then the joint pain….SO, I try to contribute by my blog.

    • AN: I sent you an email in response to your other post. Glad to help with whatever you need! I am of the opinion you shouldn’t be going around with false guilt about not working! You know, breathing is sort of an essential life function, and when just doing that is a challenge, you have more important things to worry about than work! LA

  2. I have felt that pain all too often. And ther are times I find myself watching out the window as the light of day breaks on the horizon wishing that I could find some relief! The hardest part is that most of us with lupus just go on, through the day, not talking about the pain or lack of sleep because quite frankly mst role just don’t understand. And you get the” oh everyone has aches and pains” or ” it can’t be as bad as you say” and some folks just think we are simply making it up. After all if you don’t really look sick, you aren’t sick! I hope you et some rest and find yhat balance we all need!!

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