One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Being a grandma is a wonderful thing, much better than success or fame. Children reward in such genuine ways, just by saying “grandma” as your name!

Traveling miles upon miles in one day, just to collect several tiny embraces, is worth every hour and effort expended, the minute I gaze on their faces.

A week of vacation with several grand kids is far better than resorts or cruises. I’d rather read books on the couch with some tikes, and collect several “climb-on-me” bruises!

Coloring books and crayons in array, would cover the kitchen table for hours, as grandma and kids colored inside-the-lines of countless puppies, kittens and flowers.

Mealtime began with tiny hands holding around that same table all set with food, as a sweet little voice offered thanks to their Creator, (and reminded us that everyone should!)

Tiny fingers picking up bites off of small plastic plates is quite beautiful, as they daintily grasp each tidbit with skill and grin with glee as they taste each new morsel!

Grandchildren give grandma’s a very rare gift, and remind us of joy in what’s simple. Politics, troubles, crime, bosses and budgets don’t keep little children from being joyful!

Instead, they focus on which toy they will carry, or which color of crayon to use, Or, they delight in pink polka-dots on their dress, or the bright cheerful color of their shoes.

Lupus Adventurer
Copyright August 2012


Comments on: "Lupus Adventure’s Reflections: Being a Grandma is a Wonderful Thing" (4)

  1. I loved being grandma. Unfortunately due to divorce that status and honor has been taken from me! I miss those little ones everyday!!! You are very lucky! And, I too have lupus and they were a healing balm to me!

    • Lori: I am so sorry to hear your grandchildren can’t be part of your life right now. I don’t know how I would deal with it if I were in your situation. Maybe someday when they are older you will be able to include them in your life again. They need to know about their grandma with lupus, and realize that this may be an important part of their own medical information. Hang in there! LA

  2. Wonderful post and oh so true! My grandkids help me forget about my Lupus for a while. They give me so much joy in everything they do that you don’t have the time to think about Lupus, you are to busy enjoy every second with their precious children. Grandchildren really do complete the cirlce of life!

    • Thanks for your comments. We need to focus on the precious people in our lives and not only on our own needs. Glad to know you have some wonderful grandkids, too! LA

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