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A new way to give to lupus!

This is an awesome way to give to support for local Lupus research, lupus awareness and patient services without spending an extra penny from your own wallet!  The online stores make donations to a non-profit cause while you shop.

You and your friends can make a real difference for Lupus Foundation of America, AZ Chapter or another worthy non-profit organization through your everyday online shopping.

Here’s how you can sign up to start making free donations to the Lupus Foundation of America, Arizona Chapter:

All you have to do is join, install the iGive Button, and keep it installed for 90 days.

Follow the link here to

Sign up for and follow the simple on-screen instructions to install the button to your browser menu.

  • Always Free – the stores pay
  • The average shopper raises over $50 a year with the iGive Button
  • Easy to install and uninstall browser add-on / extension for PCs and Macs
  • No pop ups, ads, toolbars, special search engine, or unwanted emails
  • No sharing your email or other information
  • At least $5 is received by the Lupus Foundation of America, AZ Chapter, even if you don’t shop. All you need to do is keep the Button installed for 90 days.

A donation for each purchase

Then, each time you make an online purchase, online vendors make donations to the Lupus Foundation of America, Arizona Chapter, or another non-profit organization of your choice, at no cost to you.

If you sign up through the link in this post, it will also increase the donation amounts for my purchases.  If you also refer others to from your own blog or Facebook page, each time you make purchases online, an extra donation will also be made on your behalf for their purchases.

Donate to lupus while shopping!

To see the Lupus Foundation of America, Arizona Chapter (LFA, AZ) link to information about this FREE donation option, go to their official website.  You can also sign up directly from the LFA, AZ link, rather than going through the link here on my blog.

Just by signing up, even without making a purchase, my first $5.00 donation was made today.  My next online purchase will donate another $5.00, and more will be donated with each future purchase.

Please consider joining me in using this creative method of raising support for Lupus in Arizona!

[Please Note:  Lupus Adventurer receives no profit or personal gain of any type through her own or a reader’s use of the donation services.  The only beneficiary of this service is the Lupus Foundation of America, Arizona Chapter or another designated non-profit organization selected by the participant.]


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