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Holmes and Watson

Ending entertainment

This morning I read an article about the end of the 8 year series starring Hugh Laurie, House MD.  Although the title of the article mentioned Lupus, the article didn’t discuss it at all.  However, as a House MD fan, I thought the article was an interesting read.

I must admit I am somewhat embarrassed now that I have read this article, that I never realized the similarities between the characters of House and Sherlock Holmes until now, or that the literary devices used in House and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes were so similar.   The article by a sherlockian expert explains it all.

As a child, I owned a dog-eared copy of the exhaustive Sherlock Holmes, and read every Holmes story many times over.

House and Wilson

With a mother who was an elementary school librarian and who my first informal English literature teacher, I should have seen the similarities at some point during the past eight years of viewing episodes of House.  I guess I was just being entertained too much to notice the obvious.

Intellectual entertainment

Here’s the link to the “goodbye” to House article by Lyndsay Faye at

It Wasn’t Lupus: A Sherlockian’s Farewell to House MD

I thought the article is a good read if you find this type of conversation interesting.

Alternative entertainment

If not, may I suggest you might just enjoy the video below that I found on YouTube.  This has many video clips of scenes from the House M.D. series spliced together.  Each clip is a mention of lupus over, and over again!  Can you count the number of times “lupus” is mentioned?  I lost count after twenty!

The video editor did a great deal of  work splicing all these clips together!

Enjoy 🙂

Absurd entertainment

Finally, I just could not resist doing a little splicing of my own, to conjure up an absurd picture of a Butter-House-Fly… may he fly away gently into the sunset of cancelled television series!

Butter-House-Fly MD admits “I finally have a case of lupus”


Comments on: "Lupus Mystery Finally Solved by Sherlockian House Sleuth" (1)

  1. wwfd301 said:

    I love this!! I always thought it was funny how often they suggested Lupus. It also bothered me when they ruled it out based on a negative ANA. I would yell at the tv each time. “Hey idiot writers!! A negative ANA does NOT rule out Lupus!!” =) I did see the episode when he finally had a case of Lupus…and loved it!!

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