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Free Lupus Webinars

Lupus Foundation of America

The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) presents an online wonderful educational webinar series, “Lupus: Learn from the Experts,” about many lupus-related topics. The webinars provide important information about living with lupus from the world’s leading lupus experts.  The webinars are viewed using a personal computer with an Internet connection.  The next four webinars are must-attend events on my calendar.

Past Webinar Topics

Recent webinar topics include Nutrition, Diet and Exercise with Joe Raphael, DrPHc in February 2012, Pregnancy and Fertility with Eliza Chakravarty, M.D., M.S. in April 2012 and Coping and Living with Skin Lupus with Victoria Werth, M.D. just last week on June 7th.  These past three webinars recordings may be viewed at the LFA website.

Free sign up

Registration is free through an online seminar hosting service, EventbritePlease note that sometimes the free event date online tickets “sell out” early when the maximum amount of registrations are received, so I recommend signing up right away for any of the webinars you are sure you want to attend.  In the past, when an event was already “sold out,” I went onto a waiting list and received an email shortly before the event telling me I could attend.  If you miss an event, you can also view it at the LFA web site, usually within a few days after the webinar.

Clicking on one of the links below will take you to the registration page.  You can create an account at Eventbrite so you can save your contact information and sign up more quickly for other events.  You can also see information about past and future events to attend.  While registering for an LFA event at the Eventbrite site, you can also send the event directly to an Outlook calendar on your computer.  You will receive an email confirming your registration, with a link to use on the day of the webinar.

Lupus: Learn from the Experts Webinars

Upcoming 2012 One-Hour Webinars

Social Security and Disability 7-12 2PM

Lupus Treatments 9-20 2PM

Coping and Living with Fatigue 11-1 2PM

If you have never attended a live webinar event, don’t be intimidated!

If you can get through the registration process, you should be fine when it comes to signing in to watch on the day of the webinar.  Just make sure you save the calendar entry and the email with the link so you know how to get to the webinar on the day of the event.

For more information on this series, to view recordings of past webinars or see future webinar topics, please visit


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