One Patient's Positive Perspectives

gourmet pizza…

Friday afternoon while telecommuting at home, the call came from my husband inviting me to go out for dinner.  So, I logged off the work network, shut down my computer early and got ready for date night.  He picked me up a few minutes later, and we went to one of our favorite Italian spots for dinner, where we shared a wonderful gourmet pizza.  After a while, we ventured outside on its quiet patio for dessert and coffee under the stars. The moon was a bright clear crescent, and the night air cast a relaxing mood over the evening.  Lingering over the last few sips, we decided the night was too young to end and decided to go for a drive.

coffee and dessert outside…

Heading northeast out-of-town, we soon reached the outskirts of the Phoenix metropolitan area.  The night was clear and the air temperature was cool and refreshing, so we opened the moon roof on our PT Cruiser and just kept driving.  I leaned my car seat back just far enough to get a wonderful view of the stars overhead through the open roof.

Perfect night for star-gazing

Before long, we were at the junction of the Beeline Highway, and turned north toward Payson, Arizona, heading out still farther away from town.  The mountain roads were familiar from the years my husband spent growing up in the Arizona mountains north of Phoenix, so we relaxed and enjoyed our impromptu road trip.

It was a perfect night for star and moon gazing.  The air was clean and pure as we escaped the smog of the metro area, and soon my head was clear and awake from the increased oxygen and crisp fragrance of the altitude.

Drinking in the night air

We drank in the night air in deep droughts, and filled the depths of our lungs to capacity with every breath.  The air, moon and stars were refreshing and relaxing and we enjoyed an unhurried relaxed conversation.  What a nice unplanned change of pace!

An hour and a half later, we arrived in Payson and contemplated looking for a room to stay overnight.  The signs advertising a farmer’s market on Saturday morning were enticing, and an overnight in the mountains sounded like such a fun unplanned thing.  I just love waking up to the exhilarating fragrance of crisp mountain air.

Medication leash drew us home

Then, reality set in.  In our spontaneity, we did not consider packing or bringing medications. My evening doses were probably not all that earth-shattering for me to miss once, mostly long-acting drugs.  But, my husband’s evening epileptic medications were quite another thing! If he were to skip night-time medications, that would mean risking a seizure in the night or next morning, and that I would be required to drive the mountain roads home the next day.  Without morning prednisone and other lupus prescriptions, and with my morning CNS lupus symptoms, the proposition sounded too dangerous.

Maybe next time…

So, partly because of my medication needs, and because of my husband’s, our invisible medication leashes forced us to turn the car around to finish the last half of our Friday night star-gazing trip. Perhaps in the future, I will plan better for the unplanned.  It might not be a bad idea to stash a couple of morning and evening medication doses for each of us in the glove box of my car.  Then, perhaps we might be better ready to follow our next whim of small adventure, and we might loosen the hold of our invisible medication leash.


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