One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Two Year Bloggiversary

Today marks two years since the start of this blog, launched the middle of the night on a hot June evening in 2010.  That night, my joint pain woke me, and I decided to get up and do something else besides feel miserable all night.  I clearly needed a distraction, and was curious to check out the possibility of creating a blog that I had heard so much about.

So, this blog was born out of mid-night oil and an interest in hoping to make a small difference, especially to those lupus patients and their families facing many questions and concerns.  I felt that if my decades of adventure with lupus could help others, then it might give being a lupus patient just a little more meaning.   I wanted to help increase lupus awareness, and I hoped that I might be able to effectively share how much my faith in Christ has helped me, and that I might as a result point a few others toward Him.

It took awhile to find my voice

My first posts were pretty basic, and merely introduced this adventure, headed down an uncharted road.  My first post was a  simple Welcome, and I realized as I stared at several blank WordPress draft screens, that it would take me awhile to “find my voice” as a blog writer.

The overall results have been a great blessing thus far.  This blog has provided a wonderful opportunity to meet many people who are walking this lupus adventure with me.  So many have encouraged me with their comments and contributions to the discussion of lupus.  If any one conclusion can be made about lupus and blogging, it is that we are not, and need not be alone with our lupus.

Thank you!

The modern-day miracle of the Internet virtually shrinks continents and time zones and has allowed over 17,000 readers from over 100 countries to join in this adventure.  It didn’t seem possible that a blog could connect to so many people all over the world.  I am honored and humbled by readers kind comments and compliments.

Thank you so much to those of you who have visited and followed Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines over the past two years of my lupus blogging.

Each of you have greatly encouraged me and become special friends in this lupus adventure.


Lupus Adventurer


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