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Carol Cavalaris - Fine Artist

Carol Cavalaris

Carol Cavalaris is an artist that lives in a home nestled in the forests of Colorado, where she creates digital paintings of wildlife and nature.  She has developed diverse art skills, and began drawing and painting during her childhood in southern California.  I have never met her in person, but I loved her intensely colored paintings the first time I saw them.

Goddess of Miracles

After I contacted Carol for permission to feature her paintings of butterflies on this blog, I learned from her that her sister-in-law has had lupus for years and she has “watched her struggles, as well as victories.”  When I stumbled upon her art work, I was very impressed with the vivid beauty of her floral paintings, especially those enhanced by my favorite images of beautiful and sometimes subtle butterflies.  I just had to share a few of them with you.

Calla Lillies

Carol started with oil painting, and now enjoys the art of digital media, with a computer screen as her canvas. She combines photo and painting techniques to create unique mixed medium images. A number of her paintings focus on various animals, including some endangered species.  She explains that “creating, learning, and growing artistically have kept the joy alive and … passion to bring healing joy and beauty to others.”

Goddess of Sunrise

Carol and her husband once owned an ad agency producing print and television ads.  Her art work now includes sculpture, stained glass and graphic arts, and extends to interior design, copy-writing, music composition, novels and creative directing. Painting wildlife and nature, color and detail, are her passions.


Carol’s art work is on exhibit in several Colorado galleries and private collections all over the world, and is featured on T-shirt designs, puzzles, portable electronics skins, greeting cards and other items, as well as through her online gallery .

A watercolor for the guest room?

My own sister is also a painter.  When we were young I would sometimes sit and visit with her for hours while she sat at her easel.  I watched her paint and we chatted, and I now admire her patience toward her gabby little sister!  As my daughter and I were looking at Carol’s paintings that I selected to share here, she had a suggestion for her aunt. Perhaps we could ask her to paint a watercolor for my guest room. (To match the decor of purple, yellow, dragonflies and butterflies.)

Sisters who paint…

It might be a great idea, and if we can coax her to do that, we could share a print of the watercolor here.  But, perhaps one of Carol’s pieces might look great in the guest room, too!  We shall see…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[Lupus Adventurer will not benefit financially from this post in any way or from visits to Ms. Cavalaris’ site through readers following links on this blog. The artist graciously granted permission for me display her copyrighted images free of charge for the pleasure and enjoyment of this blog’s readers, and because of my desire to share the human interest story about her lupus connection.   A link to the artist’s gallery site is provided for anyone who may have further interest in her art work.]


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  1. […] Jennifer’s blog backdrop is beautifully splashed with the vibrant purple colors of artist Carol Cavalaris’ drawings of butterflies and calla lilies.  [Cavalaris was the subject of a post on this blog a year ago.  She related to me that her sister-in-law with lupus was her inspiration for using butterflies in many of her works.  A successful professional graphic artist, you can read more about Carol Cavalaris in my July 7, 2012 post.] […]

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