One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Brevity is a challenge!

As one of the last couple of posts in the thirty-day health writer’s challenge, it has been suggested I should try to tell my lupus story, with extreme brevity, short and sweet, as a six-sentence story.  In this day of micro-blogging, brevity is said to be a skill worth honing, so this challenge may be worth giving it a try.  I have seldom been as brief as six sentences in anything I write.  My staff even sometimes says of me, “ask her what time it is, and she will teach you how to build a clock.”

Please forgive me if, to stay within these constraints, I yield to the temptation of breaking into light-hearted rhyme!

Lupus and Me, the Short and Sweet

Lupus short and sweet

In only six sentences the challenge shall be
to tell you a story about lupus and me.
Well, all of my life they suspected and tested,
after a long string of docs, SLE was detected.
There’s been lots of medicine, chemo and stuff,
to quiet the lupus has always been rough.
I need exercise to strengthen, nutrition’s a must,
and lots of support from dear souls I can trust.
Always seeking to be a victor, and not a victim,
I look to the Lord and His strengthening within.
For this autoimmune illness, they still have no cure,
so, I advocate as part of my lupus adventure.

By Lupus Adventurer
Copyright May, 2012

If you like the short take on a story and want to read more of them (or if it’s the short version, wouldn’t that be reading less?) check out other people’s six sentence stories at the blog, and the 6S web site.


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