One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Picking a lupus tagline...

How about some catchy taglines for lupus!  If this blog didn’t already have the tagline “Lupus, the adventure between the lines – one patient’s positive perspectives,”  what should we consider for naming this blog?

Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Lupus, the adventure between the lines – one patient’s positive perspectives
  2. LUPUS – it’s not the ONLY thing, its only ONE thing
  3. Lupus – the unwelcome companion you can’t get rid of
  4. The lupus challenge – be a victor, not a victim
  5. Lupus in flare, but not in despair
  6. You are your best advocate – with a vested interest in your lupus
  7. Getting along with your doctor means getting what you need
  8. Your caregivers didn’t give you lupus – so be kind to them
  9. Follow the advice you pay for and be a compliant lupus patient

Vote for your favorite tagline...

Do you have another suggestion for a great tagline? What is YOUR  favorite lupus tagline?

Please vote for the tagline you like best, and feel free to share your own comments about other catchy lupus slogans!

Here are some great taglines from other lupus blogs and sites:

I have Lupus and Sometimes Lupus has MeMove over! I wanna change lanesCould I have Lupus?Think Outside the Prescription BottleLearning to live, love, and adapt to life with chronic illnessLiving Life through Lupus’s Eyes

Comments on: "Lupus and picking a catchy tagline" (2)

  1. Number 5 is a good one!

  2. I think you made the best choice…

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