One Patient's Positive Perspectives

Forget-me-not my stuff!

As a lupus patient, it was  relief to finally have a reason for my flawed short-term memory.  There is a great blog all about forgetting things, that casts a humorous glance at the challenges of remembering simple things on Post-it-Note posts at  Today’s health writer’s challenge suggests making a post-it-note of my own, to remind me of the stuff I need to remember every morning before I head out the door to go to work.

I would have to stick this note on the corner of the kitchen counter closest to the side kitchen door.  So many times, I have sat down in my car and started it up, just to turn it off again to go back in to get one (or more) of the things I forgot.  More times than I want to admit I have even gone back  and forth between the house and car four or five times.  On  those days I was really glad everyone else was already gone, so no one else could watch my exasperating ping-pong trips in and out of the house!

What was the most embarrassing, un-fixable thing that I had to put up with for the whole day because I forgot it?  It was my laptop computer!  Most Fridays, I telecommute from home, and take my laptop out of its docking station at work and bring it home with me for the weekend.  I was embarrassing (yes, it has happened more than once) to I realize that my docking station was empty, and my laptop was at home on the desk in my office.  No laptop, no work!  Try explaining that one to your boss… ouch!

So, here’s my Post-it-Note to myself …
What would be on yours?


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